Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Different Dimension, This is Not Fir. Panda Accent

This is kind of a bonus post. I've had This Is Not Fir in my untrieds for a while just waiting to be used. When I put on the adorable Panda Decals from Green Goddess Creations the other day, they made me think of this polish right away. After I wore the mani for a bit, I removed every finfer but the ring ginger and replaced it with This Is Not Fir From Different Dimension. This green is the perfect Jelly Glitter. It's squishy and the colour is beautiful, and it's got an easy formula...and oodles of glitter in various shapes and sizes!

I'm not always into greens, but this is an exception to that rule for sure. Do you guys like green? Let me know below!

Cheers all,


  1. I love your creative soul, Manda Panda!


  2. Wow, I haven't heard that in years! And thanks for the amazing compliment!