Friday, April 14, 2017

Digital Dozen Getting to Know Me, Gradient With Nail Stamping Day 4

My very last getting to know me look is this gradient look. When planning my looks, I knew I wanted to represent lots of blue because it's my favourite as well as at least one gradient. I love gradients, and don't do them nearly as many as I used to. If I could only do one look forever, the gradient is the way to go.

For my getting to know me point for today I couldn't think of anything at all, till I remembered I paint  in oil and acrylics in my spare time and forgot to mention it under my hobbies.

Thanks for hanging out with us all week!

Cheers all,

Digital Dozen Getting To Know Me, Hot Pink Nail Stamping

Today's look for Digital Dozen Does Getting To Know Me week is a hot pink double stamp. I used an unnamed hot pink from Color Club for my pink base, and I also tried it out for stamping. It stamped well, but look how different the colour is on a white base. My white is Sally Hansen lll and the images are lll and lll.

For today's getting to know me points, I thought I'd share my hobbies. I love swimming and watching movies...a lot of movies! I try and work out very regularly too, because I also love to eat!

I matted this one and just love love loved it!

Cheers all,

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Digital Dozen Getting to Know Me, Easter Nail Look...But Totally Unplanned!

Ok, so I'm a big lover of happy surprises, and this one snuck up on me! I was going for girlie, because that's another thing for the Getting To Know Me file...I'm very girlie. I was looking to come up with a totally girly look, so I grabbed this doily image from BMXL-01 and a huge handful of polish!

I created an awesome girlie distressed base on Orly Lollipop and then stamped and matted the whole thing. Once I was finished, the whole thing ended up so Easter-ish it hit on an unplanned thing about love of holidays! I wasn't going for Easter, but it worked out well with this week falling on Easter!

I loved it! Funny thing about Getting To Know Me week is that so far, I've ended up with all looks I'd wear to dust!

Cheers all,

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Digital Dozen Getting to Know Me, Tribal Nail Stamping

Alrighty on to Day 2 of Digital Dozen Does Getting To Know Me! Today's getting to know me points are as follows;

1. I love Corals
2. I love tribals and double stamping to wear. I'd wear this type of look daily if I wasn't a nail blogger.
3. What else...I have two kids and I'm a stay at home mom. In my previous life, I was a corporate communications/television producer.

On to the look, This Avon is Painted Peony and the images were BM-XL01, Moyou Holy Shapes-02 and BP-L048.

If I had to pick one look forever it might look like this, or maybe a freehand floral like Day 1! HA! Tough choices.

Cheers all,

Digital Dozen Getting to Know Me, Blue Freehand Floral

I've been having a little technical trouble getting these posts up even though I was ready and excited for this week early this month! Even as I'm writing this blogger is deleting the photos from the post! Frustration over...hopefully! I'm hoping to get all my delinquent posts up today.

The Digital Dozen theme for this month is Getting To Know Me! For the theme, I decided to tell you one thing about myself and one thing about my nail art in each post. For my first post I had to do a freehand look. I feel I'm a fairly decent freehand artist, and freehand looks are really how I started out my blog. For the personal bit, I love the colours blue and teal! I love wearing them in fashion and jewelry and feel they really make my blue eyes pop.

For this look the Ruby White Tips Indie is Blue Realm. My floral and dotted prints are both  acrylic paint on a white polish base.

I loved wearing this look, it was very 'accidental' spring, as well as all my favourite colours!

Cheers all,