Saturday, August 30, 2014

KBShimmer Whole Lava Lovin, Stamping and September Challenges

So for whatever reason, September is everyone has a challenge month! I have a busy month with family obligations, but you know I can't resist the urge to at least drop in and out of these. So for day one of both Chalkboard Nails 31 day challenge #31dc2014 and another called the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge hosted by a number of bloggers including Wondrously Polished #31dc2. I'm hoping it's not bad form to tag into both. Anywho, on to the Red prompt mani. This lovely rich holo is KBShimmer Whole Lava Lovin.

I decided to stamp over this and freehanded some whimsical flowers. I've been needing to practice my stamping, and this mani emphasized that for me. It's been a while, and it shows. 

Not an utter fail, I even wore it for 3 days on both hands!

Cheers all,

Counting Sheep Nail Art, Green Goddess Creations

These were a fun little post I've had in mind since I was sent this little sheepie guy from Green Goddess Creations linked here. I saw a sleepy sheepie guy like my head here ages ago at Totally Cool Nails linked here. I did my pasture and fence in acrylics and then added my lovely little decal after I added a little white paint to the back so it would pop against Finger Paints Endless Blue.

1, 2, 3, 4.....hope I didn't put you all to sleep!

Cheers all,

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tape Mani

Today's inspiration is once again KGRDNR of Instagram linked here. These are simply done by cutting strips of tape and placing them randomly on your white base. Then using a makeup sponge blot on some coordinating colours and remove the tape. I then added the black dots to change up my design slightly and top coat.

These could easily be changed up by changing the colours depending on the season.

Cheers all,

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tangle Teezer Review

*Sent for review

So I was sent the Tangle Teezer for review recently and I gave it a go. In fact, I put it through it's paces! I have dry, brittle, curly and colour treated hair, and as such had no idea what to expect. I started with curly, product filled and workout sweaty hair and headed for the shower with my adorable pink and purple Tangle Teezer from the Nail Polish Canada site linked here. 

(Here's a shot of my curly mop top...and by the way this review is way more Selfie filled than I'm used to.)

So the next question was how to show you how cool this product looks, it come in basic and hot colours that you can choose from on the site. It's shape is a little different from standard brushes, as it doesn't have a handle. I'll admit I dropped it twice in the shower. Overall, it performed ok in the shower. It cut through my tangled mess after washing with only some catching.

Here is the unique teeth configuration that cut through those tangles, and of course my current mani made an appearance. 

Next I towel dried and moved on to the hair drying and straightening stage of my routine. I had no trouble with the lack of handle while blowing out my hair. In fact, it seemed faster. A HUGE benifit was how smooth I got it while using this instead of my standard brush. It cut my straightener time down to almost nothing, as my hair was so smooth. Oh, I almost forgot...a side benifit was way less hair fall all over my bathroom floor. I'm not sure why, but I'll take it. 

That's all for the Tangle Teezer, I will continue to use it, and definately recommend it to anyone who deals with any sort of tangling like me. The brush shape will take some getting used to, but the benefits are worth it. The item is linked here for anyone looking to check it out.

Cheers all,

Laquerlicious Burnt Marshmallow, Sunflower Nail Art

So I always so every year that my August 23 birthday is the begining of fall. And sure enough this week it's starting to feel that way here in Ontario! I saw on Instagram that Laquerlicious is releasing a second version of Burnt Marshmallow, and I just had to pull mine out. This is two coats of origional Laquerlicious Burnt Marshmallow, and some harvest time sunflowers on top inspired by a Chalkboard Nails look she completed over purple a while back linked here.

This fall look is simple and cheery and could really be done over any base.

Cheers all,

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

One Stroke Nail Art, First Try!

This is my first try at one stroke flowers. I recently got a brush set from and tried out the small flat brush. Now some flowers turned out better then others, but all in all it was easy enough and I'll definately be practicing this technique some more. For my base I used two coats of H&M Deep Orchid which is just the perfect raspberry colour and is only $1.99! The rest was accomplished with small brushes and acrylic paints. I also mattified this one cause I'm loving the matte again lately.

Hope everyone likes me flowers today, and I recommend you trying out one stroke or practicing on paper. It was fun.

Cheers all,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Crumpets Tri-Polish Tuesday, OPI DS Magic

Another Tri-polish Tuesday entry for Crumpets Nail Tarts and our Colours are still Blue, Red and Yellow for August. This OPI DS Magic has been sealed shut for a while, and my husband finally got it open. This look is a design from my Inspiration Folder. The look was from @juyrox linked here, and I've wanted to do this baby for a long time.

Hope you like this final look!

Cheers all,

Monday, August 25, 2014

Matte VS Glossy, Animal Print Nail Art

I've been wanting to try the larger style leopard print, so I grabbed my Rainbow Honey Be Mine and my new large dotting tool and got to work. I've been seeing this size of pattern around, but I'm not sure I freely nailed it. Looks a tad bloppy? Anyway I did love the colour combo, so I finished both hands and decided to wear this one matte.

There is just something about matte indies! Look at how the look just transformed!

After I mattified it I actually kind of loved it, so I leave you on a Macro!

Cheers all,


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Katy Perry Nails, This Is How We Do

These guys are just hilarious! You need to follow this link to the Katy Perry video, This is how we do. I saw it and immediately knew it had to be a mani...and yes, that ice cream cone is twerking!! For the base I used two coats of Essie Don't rock the boat and the topper is the RWT topper I told you about called Amanda. My guys were done in acrylic.

This last below is a quick Macro of Amanda over the blue...just cause I thought it was soo pretty!

Now, if you made it here without clicking the link go on back up and DO IT! Also if you follow me on Instagram linked here, head on over and check out a quick collab of these we set up to celebrate my birthday!

Cheers all,

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Blogiversary Fine Artist Swap

So when I was deciding what to do for my blogiversary I tossed around a few ideas back in May. The first was a contest, which seems to be becoming the standard for blogiversary celebrations. This was appealing, but I've been so immersed in the art side ofthe community lately that I wanted to do something a little different. I sat down and made myself a list of my top ten detail artists that I follow. I then reached out to only my top three and crossed my fingers!!

My idea was this, my 'fine art' artists would choose a piece they see as fine art and inspiring and recreate it as a mani. My job then, was to try and keep up! Below, I'm very proud to finally show you the results. 

First up to respond with a yes is Narmai of the blog linked here and her Instagram page linked here.  Narmai has gotten notorious lately for her 'story series' manis and her insane detail work. If you haven't seen her Instagram page it's an absolute must and one of my tops for a reason.

Narmai's selection was this surreal image called Dreams of Elysium by Ann Marie Bone linked here, who is an amazing artist and you need to go see her work!

Now I kept track of my art steps as I went along for those of you interested in how these detail manis go down. In the larger picture you'll see an image Narmai sent me of her final and I used it for reference as well.

Tada here it is my final look! I'm nervous, and hope you all love it.

And without further ado, the genius herself sent us this for your viewing pleasure! Just look at that bridge! Insane!

My other lovely lady was Viv of @Ka_yee_or on Instagram ....linked here. Viv's page is eclectic and cute. She does a large range of styles and this isn't the first of her designs I've recreated on my blog, but it's the first time I can say I'm posting with her. The image she chose was this stunner called Red Canna by Georgia O'Keeffe.

I chose to try and recreate the image once per finger. And this is how all that work turned out. I really love the final look and vibrancy of this manicure.

When Viv sent me her look I was completely in shock and awe! I couldn't process how different and amazing her manicure turned out.

I'm really happy to have reached this one year milestone. I'm pretty proud of my little blog, and hope my little group of readers is loving what I do as much as I love what these girls do for me.

Cheers all,

Friday, August 22, 2014

Jindie Princess Bubblegum and my fave ever mani!

So birthday/blogiversary week continues, and it wouldn't be complete without wearing my fave ever polish now would it!! Now the nail fairies threw me a birthday bone on this, because as soon as I got going I knew I was in fave ever territory! My fave polish...Jindie Princess Bubblegum and inspired by one of my fave Instagram accounts @wondrouslypolished and the art came together spot on for what I was hoping.

This is two coats of Princess Bubblegum and the details are all acrylic.

Gosh, I can't stop staring and I'm still wearing this design...AND on both hands to boot! Now that I've been wearing it awhile, I wished I'd added more white vines for detail below the florals, oh well!

Cheers all,

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SURPRISE! Ruby White Tips Amanda

So I told you I had some fun and surprises for this week, and this is one of the big ones! Ruby White Tips....created a new matte glitter that's just amazing...and is named Amanda after me! That's right, my own polish! This topper contains lilac, yellow, dark pink and light blue hexes in micro and medium sizes. Some pink triangles, and butterflies also make sneak appearances, and I think the odd frosty pink square as well. I created the floral accent finger to match, and I just love love this mani and my polish.

I'm a sucker for beautiful matte glitters and this one takes the cake...the birthday/blogiversary cake! Now I'd give you links, but this is an extreme LE and there aren't many available. Sorry to be a tease, but Ruby White Tips could easily recreate this or one of your design as a custom colour.

So Cheers all, I really hope you like this surprise!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Green Daisy

Sally was having a buy two get one sale the other day on Finger Paints so I had to pick up a couple colours I've been needing. I got this lovely Silcscreen Green, a purple and a white for nail art base. I'm generally not a green girl, but lately have loved wearing it. I did this manicure to match a pretty green dress I picked up this summer. I stamped a subtle vine look over two coats of green and then freehanded the daisies with acrylic at the tips. Pretty quick and simple, but looks more stunning than I thought because of the layering of art. This type of design would be great for beginners.

Also, over my last few posts I've been using my new curved watermark. Historically I used a large one along the bottom of my photo as well as my circle logo. I'm liking it so far, what do you think?

Cheers all,