Wednesday, October 30, 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Nail Art

So these are my friend Rachel's hands again, and I'm posting the sunlight pics first, because they are way more colour accurate than the ones taken while we were gossiping on my couch. This is OPI Sleigh Ride For Two from the ne Mariah Carey Holiday Collection. It's smooth as silk and lovely in person. My friend was going to a wedding and wanted something in a wine to match her shoes. Other than that, 'her hands were my canvas' she said. I chose to do an accent finger in Color Club Beyond and fished out and added the amaaazing circle glitters from OPI I Snow You Love Me also from this collection.

We were both very happy with the results, other than a little sidewall staining we needed to work on. I do find it harder to 'stay in the lines' when I'm doing someones hands, but no one is complaining!

Cheers all!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Costume - oct 31

My last entry here for the Instagram Halloween Nail Art Challenge. This is my entry for the costume prompt. Do they feel familiar? I didn't want to remove my Frank Monster nails just yet...too attached!  So I attempted the impossible a full right hand nail art manicure! It's my nail art Unicorn to do this successfully! You have to bare with me on the lack of  perfect lines, but I'm very proud of myself and these Witch nails!

The base green is the lovely Lime Crime Pastelchio, the purple China Glaze Grape Pop and the black was my first try using a Nail Art Pen. This one was by Crayola! The red lips were a red nail Striper. I used chevron cut tape for the purple, and then traced with the black to get the black stripes for the chevron inspired 'witch tights' nails.

These nails were done during a coffee and nails date with the always fun and lovely Imjteets of  Instagram. Jeni worked on some witch inspired nails of a different sort. Check these out! All freehand too! Look at that cauldron and witch profile!

Hope you like the results of my play date!
Cheers all!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monster -oct 28

These monster nails actually have a piece of my heart. My very first ever nail art was monster nails similar to my lil Frank here. My son asked me to do them about a year ago now, and here we are! Two blogs, a launching small business and an Instagram account!

Anyway, enough of the sappy sob sob. On to the nails! This is Nicole by OPI Daffy Dill in two coats. Once dry I added the stitches and face in China Glaze Liquid Leather and White on White. Now I got too little sleep and had too much fun this weekend, so my hands weren't feeling the steadiest. I decided to go back in and add those polka dots in the white. I mostly put them in useful places to hide less than steller design elements. Then filled in the empty spaces where I needed more. I really love the final product!

On my other hand above, I added Hard Candy Black Tie Optional...cause I wasn't even going to try art on that one today! I decided to show you this one too, because the combo is very nice.

These are a bonus Halloween manicure for you. My friend was over and we did all this fun on her hands! The picture is not great because it was night...and my cell, but the mani was super fun! I loved the gradient and polka dot nails.

Have a great, safe and candy filled Halloween everyone!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Emily DeMolly Regal Beginings Swatch

This is Emily De Molly Regal Beginings, and boy did I need it after yesterdays 'bloody' mess! I know it doesn't fit in the halloween season, but I needed a palette cleanse before I dove right back into Halloween!

This lilac purple base is loaded with a mix of gold blue and black different shaped glitters. In the bottle these appear more densely packed then on the nail, but this is only two coats. Next time I would try three. The formula was great, fairly opaque and dried reasonably fast. I really liked this polish. It's just the right amount of girly.

I've always adored this brand from afar, and wasn't disappointed. This was another gifted polish, but I will plan on buying more of these in the future.

with gold, blue and black mixed glitters
with gold, blue and black mixed glitters
r with gold, blue and black mixed glitters
r with gold, blue and black mixed glitters
r with gold, blue and black mixed glitters

Last three are sunlight.

Don't you just love this polish? I mean really love it! It makes me want to twirl in a flouncy skirt! Emily De Molly polishes seem made for us girly girls! I found these for purchase on ETSY and

Blood - oct 25

These are kind of cute...and bloody, but so not me. I didn't even wait for these to dry to get them off my hands...hand actually, I even only did the one!

These were easy enough. I used a base of Finger Paints Don't Make a Scene and then made a messy gradient (yes on purpose) with Sally Hansen Rapid Red. I then used a toothpick for the stitches in China Glaze Liquid Leather. The other Gradient was Color Club Holo in Beyond with Rapid Red sponged on top. Then top coat for all.

Do you think the knife was too much? I'm totally at a loss with a gory prompt! Is this where I say muah hahahahaha?

These last few are matte on the bloody tip fingers. Because of these you get a deliciously girly Emily De Molly Swatch tomorrow, cause mama needs a palette cleanser!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nicole By OPI Gumdrops Gradient

This gradient was another super easy one using only the bottle brush. Textured polishes are super forgiving for brush strokes so this was so quick and easy. The two colours I chose were Nicole By OPI My Cherry Amour and A-nise Treat. Both are lovely on there own, but gothic and stunning together!

I simply did two coats of My Cherry Amour then dragged a nearly dry brush of A-nise Treat from 2/3 to tip then again just to the tips.

I know I'm late to the texture party, but I had to show these off. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Critters - oct 22

This was a quick one for my Critter Entry for the Halloween Challenge. 

The darker grey base is Sally Hansen Greige Gardens and the lighter is OPI City Shopper. 
The glitter topper is Jindie Nails Dream In Color (another gift). The matte glitters in it are black, white, yellow, blue a nice pink and a green. They are all the same small matte glitters in a clear base. These would be great with almost any colour. I loved these on the grey, but it's so jam packed I decided to do just half the nail so the grey would still be visible. Quite happy with this decision. 

The owl design was made using the stamping decal technique on Bundle Monster plate BM-309 with NYC Uptown for the pink, China Glaze White On White for the white, China Glaze Liquid Leather for the black and the lime green eye is Nicole by OPI Daffy Dill.

This last is matte! Couldn't help myself. Stamping always looks sooo good matte.

Hope you like these, I happen to think they are adorable!

Just a quick woohoo!

I hit 2,000 page views yesterday. I feel off to a great start, with an average of 1,000 lookie loos per month. Thanks to all of you who drop by and flip thru my work each day.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Daring Digits More Dots Nail Art

These were totally just me diving into my new gifted babies! They are just sitting in the cabinet wanting a little love! Well More Dots, I just love you! I know lots of us are addicted to the glitter over black look, but these are also circle glitters that seem to float around like magic! Daring Digits really does those opaque style jelly glitters perfectly!

I did a subtle accent finger using Bundle Monster Stamp BM-203 and Color Club Holo in Beyond and I dotted in some Diamond Strength Glitters in Tender Teal and All Aglow in the centre of the flower type shapes as well.

This weird close up is to show the circles better. You can alo make out my subtle stamping this close as well.

This last one is under my kitchen pot light. After trying all day, it was the best light source to show you the tone on tone holo stamping.