Sunday, November 30, 2014

Above The Curve Nail Polish, Tardis

Ohhhh, blue holo swatchie swatchie today! This is Tardis from Above The Curve. Tardis is a teal leaning blue medium holo. This is two coats with quick dry topcoat. This polish is really pretty in person, and in any light.

This polish would definately look great with some holiday nail art.

Cheers all,

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Essie Sweet Nails

This is a sweet look I wore for days and days. I started with two coats of Essie Full Steam Ahead, then stamped this pattern that reminds me of old fashioned silk wallpaper. I used Essie Penny Talk for the stamping. I really loved the combo and final look of this. So soft and sweet enough to eat!

I hope you enjoyed this sugary delight!

Cheers all,

Mrs. P's Nail Potions, The Naked Dress

This is a beauty I ordered recently, and it arrived yesterday! I just couldn't wait to swatch it for you guys. This is my first from Mrs. P's Nail Potions, but it won't be my last. The formula on this is straight up 'butter'. This is two coats, and as it's called The Naked Dress I decided to leave the VNL. I will re-swatch this one soon with undies...but it had to be naked this time around! Just a side note, but Mrs. P even includes a little note about how to care for nail mail in colder climates...and tootsie rolls. Cute right!

Just lookie at the gold hexes shining away. This is so sparkly in person, and would be great over the holidays.

Hope you guys love this as much as I do. I have one more potion from my order I'll be showing you soon. Anyone notice a sneak peek of the art I put on this beauty in the collage? That will be up soon as well. Mrs. P's Nail Potions are available on her site linked here and on ETSY.

Cheers all,

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Heart Stamping on Indie Dreams!

This my friends is my dream nails...yup, dream nails. Wicked Polish Fairy Blood Splatter (biggest lemming ever on loaner) topped with gorgeous girly heart stamping from BM-H18 all on a thermal base of Dance Legend 178. You know I love me some thermal, and the depth and levels of this look had my squeeing for days. The base colour took 3 coats, but was worth it. The glitter just one. 

If your girlie like me, scroll back up for just one more look!

Cheers all,

Monday, November 24, 2014

Colors By Llarowe, Oops, Dotticure

This is an abstract dotting line look I picked up from @wondrouslypolished on Instagram.her look was a fall colours pallet. For mine I went a little more girly using two coats of Oops from Colors By Llarowe. The dotting was done with a small dotter in medium grey and black acrylic paint.

Easy and pretty stunning contrast on the holo.

Cheers all,


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pipe Dream Polish, Empyrean with Glitter Tips

A cute glitter gradient today. This is Color Show Vintage Leather Lasting Lilac with Pipe Dream Polish Empyrean sponged on my tips. I have a swatch of Lasting Lilac coming for Ya later, because it is straight up the strangest polish I've ever used, and I just had to post it. Spoiler alert, it's still pretty though. 

This is a look I could totally wear for this holiday season.

Cheers all,

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Recycled Mani!

So you guys probably remember this Striper freehand look I posted a while back. I loved it when it was done, but thought how cool it would look with the attidition of some silver elements. With that, this recycled mani was born. I used more striping tape and added the silver polish blocked areas to my first and pinkie fingers. Then I added the rhinestone elements and played with silver foil for the first time.

Voila, do you guys ever recycle fingers or whole manis!

Cheers all,

Friday, November 21, 2014

Grimm Brothers Nail Art, Red Riding Hood 2

So friends, I had promised more Grimm looks, and here we go. Yes it's a second Riding Hood look, but I couldn't help myself. @Clairelofthouse on Instagram did this look last week and inspired me to totally copy her! I switched up her look a bit using two coats of Different Dimensions That's Not Fir and used a fir tree instead of an apple tree, but you really need to see her look. My details were all created with acrylic paints today.

Difficulty: Medium
Time: 22 minutes

Hope you like this second Riding hood look, I can't wait to choose another Grimm Brothers tale to do.

Cheers all,

Thursday, November 20, 2014

R2D2 Nail Art, Green Goddess Creations

This is Train Underwater from Pahlish. This is one coat over two coats of Sinful Colors Endless Blue. The decal is another goodie from Green Goddess Creations. I love her decals, so easy and adorable. I used a chevron nail guide also from Green Goddess to add my little digital design accent nail. You can find these and other Green Goddess goodies in her store linked here. She just launched a ton of Christmas decals to, so go and check it out.

Not sure if this is going to work, but I'm uploading my first little tutorial here. This is how to apply a water decal. I pre-painted the back of the R2D2 design white to allow it to show better on the dark polish.

Hope you guys like my little tutorial attempt.

Cheers all,

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Colors By Llarowe, Oops Swatch

Another Colors By Llarowe holo for you today. I kind of think this one is like Shimmering Waters little sister. It's the exact match to Shimmering waters holo blue with the occasional hex glitter but in pink. These would probably make an amazing gradient together...hmmmmm. Anyway, this is Oops and it's two coats of perfection.

And this, is the holo payoff in direct sunlight!

I'm a crelly glitter girl at heart, but lately I just gotta holo!

Cheers all,

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dance Legend 178

This is Dance Legend 178. This is four thin coats for opacity, and worth every one. The thermal change on this one is very strong between the baby and hot pink shades. I just really love thermals, and this one takes the cake. 

What's your favourite style lately?
Cheers all,

Friday, November 14, 2014

Would you like a wood design?

So for today we went a little rustic. This look was inspired by lieve91 on Instagram linked here. The base brown is China Glaze Ingrid, although once I fanned brushed on all the other brown shades, it's really just an earthy mishmash. After I created my wood background, I used acrylic to freehand the half finger tribal accent. I love it, and totally forgot how long tribal designs take me. The inspiration design called for gold studs, but I wanted to wear this for the weekend and studs don't last on me. I added dotting in a China Glaze gold instead. 

Head on over the Instagram to check out the source look and to see who I Twinsied these with!

Cheers all,

Lush Lacquer,

This was just a quick look I did to go out one night. I even forgot to post this beauty for a while. This is Lush Lacquer Ticklish Teal, a blue black jelly filled will multiple sized teal glitters. It reminds me of the reflection of stars on a lake in the evening. Very beautiful in person. I actually forget the accent polish, it might be a Ciate. The floral pattern was acrylic paint.

Have a great weekend guys.

Cheers all,

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pine Nails

So I'll admit I have been taking a bit of a break from freehand looks. I did so many during the Halloween season, that I've been wanting to work on stamping. I feel like my stamping has gotten back to where it used to be, so I came up wth the idea to winterized one of the popular summer looks I posted a few months ago. For this look I used two coats of Finger Paints Paper Mâché and Silkscreen Green. Ruby White Tips Concerning Hobbits is the gorgeous coppery gold polish I used for all my dotting and gradient. The pine needles and cones were created with acrylic paint.

I hope you guys like this look. It popped into my mind last night when  as trying to fall asleep. 

Cheers all,

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Colors By Llarowe, Shimmering Waters with Bundle Monster Stamping

Ok, I did these Bundle Monster snowflakes over two coats of Colors By Llarowe Shimmering Waters a few days ago when I heard Ontario is supposed to get its first snow of the year this week. I have been saving this until I see those first flakes. I really love snow and the excitement of how beautiful it is when it know, before the reality of it hits. And as I look outside, nows the time.

So this look is for all of you who love snow, or wish they had it.

Cheers all,

Dance Legend 181 Swatch, Thermal Nail Polish

This is the swatch I promised you guys from the thermal Dance Legend 181. This is only two coats and I gotta say took my breath away. This is absolutely juicy and perfect for this time of year, and even straight through to the holidays. The coppery glitters really stood out in the two shades of redish jelly.

I really do need to try more of these. Do you guys love thermals as much as I do?

Cheers all,