Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Maze Runner, Book Club Nail Art

So another book club mani. This month was The Maze Runner. I have previously seen the movie and love me some YA Fiction, so this was on my list of must reads. If you want,  more info on the book linked here. For the mani I used two coats of OPI Stranger Tides stamped with Konad Black. I used one of a few maze like images I have in my collection, and chose stranger tides to represent the old stone look of the maze in the book.

All in all nothing too complicated, but it has the feel of the maze. As for the book, two thumbs up. It's got an interesting vibe and unique premise while still being a light read.

Cheers all,

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Landscape Nail Art, Feb 27

So @totally_gruntle on Instagram is hosting a Landscape Nail Art Contest, so I thought why not jump in! My base for this is Essie Rock The Boat, and the rest in muted greys and blues and greens is acrylic. Now this image is of my own creation, but I recently created a warm tone and summery version of this same look for next month's Digital Dozen...and it's literally top five of my favorite ever manicures I've made. I can't wait to post it!

Hope you like my look, wish me luck! Oh and by the way...I went square and much shorter!!! Anyone notice my cut down? I'm nursing a break on my pinky, so I decided to take the pressure off and change it up a bit.

Cheers all,

P is for Pale, February 26

P is for Pale is today's A2Z prompt. I decided I wanted to create a pale and Chrome look skitlettes similar to the style of Chit Chat Nails. I love her stuff and she's famous for gorgeous mix in match manis. The nude in this one is Klean Color Sheer Pink Nude and the silver an unnamed one I generally save for stamping the white is my go to Paper Mâché from Finger Paints. After two coats in the base department, I dotted using the silver and both a medium and small dotting tool. I then stamped a diamond pattern in silver, and then the pinwheel in Konad White.

This came out exactly how it looked in my mind. I love the contrast of the nude jelly with the metallic and very opaque silver.

Cheers all,

Monday, February 23, 2015

Crumpets 52 Week, Red and Yellow Houndstooth

Today's Crumpets prompt is Red, Yellow or Orange and why not go full steam ahead with obnoxious! I used Lexington Yellow from NYC and China Glaze Go Crazy Red for the dots and stamping!

I'm going to describe this as KABLAM! only a little in your face!

Cheers all,

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

O is for Old, February 19

O is for Old for today's A2Z prompt. I picked this Sally Hansen Berry Juicy polish, because it's one of my oldies and a fave too. Topped with Wicked Polish Fairy Blood Splatter and then I used the glitters as the centers for this abstract scattered animal print. I chose animal print, because it's one of the first designs I learned.

The black was acrylic. This design is kind of off the wall, but I did like it. Let me know what you think.
Cheers all,

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Skulls, #naillinkup, February 16-22

Ok, time for another #naillinkup. This week February 16-22 is still open and the prompt is Skulls. I just did skulls on my recent twinsie mani, so I came up with something a little different. Started with a base of Laquerlicious I See Green Again and then added my...what should I call this...triple layer Zebra print in acrylic paint. After that I added my lil skull friend and gave her a matching bow.

This one is kind of wonk-tastic!! Hope you likey!

Cheers all,

Friday, February 13, 2015

Challenge Your Nail Art, Un-Valentine, February 15

Here it is, some monochromatic nails with black roses for my last anti-Valentines look. The acrylic roses were inspired by one of @yagala looks on Instagram linked here. Her's are super stunning, as is all her work so check it out. This is one coat of Concrete Grey from Klean Color a stocking stuffer from my dad this year and an awesome grey ONE Coater!!!!

Hope you like...or hate...whatever is appropriate for the day!

Cheers all,

Challenge Your Nail Art, Valentines Nail Design

It's been awhile, but I wanted to at least jump in a little on the Challenge Your Nail Art for this month and I knew I'd do a Valentines look anyway, VOILA! This simple heart shaped french look was created with two easy swipes of white polish over Pretty Bitch Polish Nipple Clamps...(yes I blush whenever I type that one in!). Once dry I used a teenie dotting tool to add the acrylic dots along the curved heart line.

 I wanted to give you guys something anyone could do for today. Happy Valentines Day for those celebrating, and for those not...I have another anti-Valentines look tomorrow just for you!

Cheers all,

Digital Dozen, Pattern on Pattern Week 5/5 Beige Stamping

The background of this one is City Shopper from OPI and the glitter is Laquerlicious Peacock Tail. This look was actually the first I created for this week. It was inspired by a similar look linked here from Debbie over at The Crumpet. I like hers better, but didn't want it to look exactly the same. I started with a leafy image in Konad White stamped on my base. Then I added my glitter angled gradient and my flowers were done in acrylics.

I kind of wish I skipped the little whirls, but all in all really like this one. I might try this layer look again sometime. Head on over to see what the others cooked up for today's finale.

Cheers all,

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Twinsie Skulls with Cotton Coney, Feb 12

Today I have a treat, Twinsies with @cottonconey on Instagram linked here. I haven't done twinsies or a mani swap forever so it was awesome that I was able to link this up. I love @cottonconey, she is the queen of micro NEED to see her page, it's unimaginable! This cute skull and crossbones look is kinda Valentine's anti-Valentine's all wrapped up in one.

This look is acrylic paint on white polish. I love this high contrast look, but the @cottonconey look is a warm and micro version of my own.

Loving this cute pattern, and hoping that I can set up some more twinsies soon. Anyone up for a swap?

Cheers all,

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Digital Dozen, Pattern on Pattern Week 4/5 Spirals

N is for New in the A2Z weekly challenge. So I went with the prompt in a couple ways, Indie Polish Meet me in Mexico collection was my newest review. I used the whole collection for this look. This was also my first time using this stamp image. I then added the dotting using the same polish mix. It added my second layer for the pattern on Pattern prompt for today's Digital Dozen, but also hides a few stamping flaws. Shhhh don't tell!

 I can barely decide, but think I like matte best? You? Check out my friends below to see how they made out today. I'll let you guys in on a Digital Dozen secret, this weeks theme had some of us spooked! But the looks have been so amazing. 

Cheers all,,

Digital Dozen, Pattern on Pattern Week 3/5 Double Zebra

Indie Polish Rapture is one of my recently reviewed polishes that I just had to use for this weeks designs for Digital Dozen. Today's Pattern on Pattern is a double zebra look. I added the black stripes, but wanted more so I went back in with some gold acrylic. Once dry I added the heart accent to finish this as a hot Valentine's idea. I really love this finished look. 

Don't forget to check out what my ladies are working on today, and tomorrow I have something super super fun for you. And for those that asked, I'm ever so slowly kicking this flu. 

Cheers all,

Digital Dozen, Pattern on Pattern Week 2/5 Squish

This one was a fun mani to create. A new technique as inspired by Pocket Money Polish. She described using a stamper and a mix of polishes to basically stamp on a colour mix. So this is exactly what I did. I used the squeeze pens from Simply Spoiled Beauty and put small purple, pink and blue dots on the back of a metal stamp plate. Then using my stamper I squished the dots and then stamped the squished colours onto my white base. Hence the term Squish Stamping! What a cool effect this made for a background! I then used Konad Soecial White to add some subtle stamping on top and voila!

My white smeared slightly with my matte top coat, but it kind of added to the overall look for once so I wasn't bothered. I will for sure be trying this Squish Stamping technique again.

I'm adding this quick picture tutorial because I just posted this and have already had so many questions as to how I made this look.

1. White base
2. Add small dots of colour on the metal back of a stamping plate
3. Squish the dots using a stamper
4. Stamp this onto nail and repeat till the base white is coloured
5. Add white stamping in any pattern, then top and matte coat

Notes: Once I added the top coat, that is when I really noticed that the colours bled thru my stamping this time round. I really liked this. Matte coat for this technique really smoothes out the look.

You can also use my code of LMN40 for 40% at the Simply Spoiled Store linked here if you what to try the squeeze pens for this instead of polish, and get my exact look. I think that the way the pens bleed thru the white stamping really adds to this,

Cheers all,

Monday, February 9, 2015

Digital Dozen, Pattern on Pattern Week 1/5 Heart Collab

So, here we are again Digital Dozen time. This week is Pattern on Pattern. I'm sick as a dog as I write this info, but luckily the mani was done earlier. Ugh to flu's and a well placed finger in the air. Anyway, the mani makes me feel infinitely better cause it's just so darn cute. This one actually managed three pattern levels by the time it was done. There is the neon pink and white gradient over a white polish base, followed by the freehand dotted hearts and then I wanted a little contrast and added the black dots on the fly. I chose hearts for this one because I really wanted in on this years Heart collab hosted by @25_sweetpea on Instagram linked here. If you want in, info is on her IG, but today is the deadline. Just realised I could add this into the #naillinkup for today which is hearts as well, and that way sleep more and skip a mani! I guess my flu brain is still working!

Hope you guys like this Valentine's look, and this one wouldn't be too complicated if you wanted to recreate it.

Cheers all,