Saturday, January 31, 2015

Indie Polish, Don't Forget the Suncreen

This is Don't Forget Sunscreen and is now available linked here. This is a serious yellow polish. It's creamy and buttery and waxy in finish compared to the others. The colour is super summery like sunshine or ripe corn. I just love this and can't wait to do some art on it. I'm not a huge yellow person, but I fell in love. This is two coats over a subtle yellow base. But opacity could be achieved in three.

I really liked this one and its finish was pretty unique, but still easy to work with.

Cheers all,

January 31, Signature Style

This is another one I prepped near the begining. A trick I learned because near the end of these challenges you can feel pretty overwhelmed. Anyway, my styles are pretty easy for me to peg. I'm really girlie, so I love pinks and purples and florals etc. My other style art wise would be my freehand creations, but you guys have seen lots of this lately so I went with some stamping for today. This is Essie's Full Steam Ahead topped with Peita's Polish Jellybean Dream. I then layered stamping in Konad white and black with the tile and floral designs from a mix of plates. I really really liked the double stamped look.

I saved you guys this shot of the polish combo too, because it's just so pretty and well...girlie! I'm happy to say I successfully finished the January 31 day Crumpets Nail Tarts challenge. It was fun, and I got some cool looks done I wouldn't have otherwise done, umm hello dirt? Next month should be fun with some girlie Valentine's looks, and maybe some un-Valentine's looks too.

Cheers all,

Friday, January 30, 2015

Indie Polish, Meet Me in Mexico Collection Launches Today!

***Sent for review.
The Meet Me In Mexico line from Indie Polish launches at noon est. today and is linked here.
This collection is four individual highly pigmented polishes with a matte finish and fantastic formula. I have more in depth reviews coming on each, but wanted to break down the collection for you today so you don't miss out.

First up is a coral leaning polish called Blazing Sun Burn this one has my heart, and is my fave in the collection.

Next is a stunner in a sea worthy green called Frolic in the Ocean. This has the same wonderful formula an finish as above, this is two coats over white.

This is Drinks with Umbrellas and I could see this on my toes on vacation or all summer long. Same finish as above, this is two coats no undies.

This one is a slightly different finish then the matte of the others, more of an interesting waxed look. This is Don't Forget Sunscreen. This is two coats with yellow cream undies. You could skip the undies easily and just do three thin quick drying coats.

Overall, I would highly recommend both the brand and this collection. It's fun summery and perfect for vacation getaways in the sun. Don't forget to head over to the store linked  here to grab yours if you love these as much as I did, launch is at noon est.

Cheers all,

January 30, Never Tried

So guys, I've wanted to do this...craftivity...for a while, hence the never tried prompt. I even prepped these stamping decals ages ago, which might have been the problem. First thing, this is a neon acrylic gradient over white topped with Rainbow Honey Magic Cake. Now on to the fun troubles! I took my kinda stiff old nail decals and trimmed them into these cute little squares. I top coated with slow drying top coat so I'd have time to manoeuvre them and then Seche. Now I'm posting these anyway because they still look awesome and have a lot of potential, but these would be a fail for me because those cute little squares just wouldn't sit down!

Funny enough, these are exactly how I pictured them other then the sticking up. Maybe I should just call it a 3D design!

Cheers all,

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 29, Blue Base, Snow in Ottawa

This was actually one of the first posts I created for the challenge. I prepped this one while visiting our beloved friends in Ottawa. I even made matching manis for my friend and her daughter. This first picture was a must as when will I ever get the chance to shoot a #mynailsandmycapitalbuilding shot again.

This polish is an old favourite OPI DS Magic in two coats. I stamped in Konad Special White. 

Totally wearable all winter long, and I just love any snowflake mani!

Cheers all,

January 28, Non Glitter Topper

Yes you guessed right, it's dirt! So the prompt was non glitter topper. I thought about how that could be anything and teased a fellow Nail Tart that 'dirt would count'. Well words were said...a dare was tossed...and I have actually had this one in my head a while. No joke! With spring a while off, I wanted to give you guys a little spring tulip just popping up. Tulips are my fave spring flower so it was an easy choice. My tulip is all acrylic over Essie Don't Rock The Boat. And my dirt? Fresh from my shrivelling Christmas Poinsettia pot. I put a dark grey base on and then topcoat. While wet I smooshed on the soil. This was kind of tricky and wanted to fall off...hence the single photo, but what fun right!

All right, I dare anyone who reads this to recreate it with your favourite flower or plant! You have to tag me though, I would love to see and feature anyone who does!

Cheers all,

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Indie Polish, Drinks With Umbrellas

So I promised yesterday some more pics of these beauties! This is two coats of matte finished Drinks with Umbrellas launched yesterday as part of the Meet me in Mexico line linked here for purchase. 
I know I said it yesterday, but the formula on these matte polishes with their subtle shimmer is awesome. They also dry quickly and are super pigmented.

These are selling out fast, so if your interested you shouldn't wait!

Cheers all,

January 27, My Old Mani, Indie Polish, Blazing Sun Burn

This manicure is for the prompt Your Old Mani. I thought about that one as I've done so many, and settled on a dots and roses combo. You guys know me and my dots and roses! I chose to do this over the Blazing Sun Burn polish from Indie Polish I showed you guys. Available soon in the shop linked here. 

I used black acrylic for my dots, and white and orange acrylic for my roses. I love the final look, although I felt rusty on creating the roses.

Top coat really changed the look of this beautiful polish too. Hope you guys are ready for me to go off the rails again...tomorrow's post is a little (lot) out there!

Cheers all,

Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, Fishtail Manicure

So, I've always been scared of fishtail braid manicures. All the layers and tape, it's just asking for a disaster. So of course once I was forced into my first, I must make it even more complicated by stamping some of the layers right! This is a mix of patterns and shimmers and solids, I was going for a quilt look. I'm pretty happy with the outcome, although it took ages! I'm not going to get into all the polish used, but if anyone needs to know, let me know.

What do you think, too much or just enough?

Cheers all,

Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 25, Indie Polish, Fit To Be Tied

This look was created on my recent swatch of Indie Polish Git to be tied. I wanted something that was simple and didn't take away from the polish, but that represented today's prompt of Compliment and Contrast. In the end I chose to use complimentary grey and black shades of acrylic for the tree and contrasting pinks and red for the heart hanging from the tree. I was going for a design that echoed the name Fit to be tied.

Let me know what you think of this great polish!

Cheers all,

Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 24, Decals

This is an earthy decal look I created using some leftover Born Pretty decals. I wore this as a date night look and really enjoyed it with a warm earth toned sweater. This polish is two coats of Ruby White Tips Swagger Like Michonne. I stamped a delicate leaf print with Konad Special Black and then added the decals and top coat.

We are finally getting close to the challenges end, and I'll say it really was difficult getting through this so close to the last one. No challenges for a while...I so swear!

Cheers all,

Friday, January 23, 2015

Indie Polish, Rapture

Another hot polish from the Valentine's duo from Indie Polish is Rapture! It was delicious! Look at the blue and magenta micro and super micro glitters in this raspberry jelly, just amazing! I did use an unnamed raspberry cream undie for this one. I also used this to create a hot animal look coming soon. This polish is now available at the Indie Polish site linked here.

This picture is a kind of a cute joke shot since the brand and myself are both Canadian and I was out with my new Canada mitts on.

I really loved the look and formula on both, and don't forget that this and Fit to be tied are LE and available at the store linked here!

Cheers all,