Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Two Ideas, Two Hands

Got a little matching hand look for today. I sometimes do this if I'm bored or not feeling confident in my left handed ability to recreate the look for my right. I don't usually post them, but once in a while Cindy does show up. This look I liked on both hands, so here you go.

My base for this one is one coat of Nicole by OPI Imagine If... over OPI City Shopper. The dots and flowers are all acrylic.

I used a look from Wondrously Polished for the inspiration for the flowers below. I'm really happy with how these colours turned out over the pretty grey base.

This colour combo is tops for me! I just love grey's and pastels together.

Cheers all,

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Digital Dozen Does New and Improved, Friday

Another look I never ever go for, and we are talking VAMPY here. I used images from BM-223 and BM-316 stamped with Essie Penny Talk on Ruby White Tips Satin Sheets and OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow. Both of these super dark and rich green shades look almost black under my lighting and très vamp! I never reach for green or attempt to evoke my inner vampy nail Goddess! So this look is mucho out of character for me. For the pinky finger I added in some delicate flowers freehand to vary up the fingers.

What do you guys think, feeling seduced yet?

Cheers all,

Digital Dozen Does New and Improved, Thursday

Attack of the Pod People...or maybe Venus Fly Traps...or just strange! This my dear friends is my first attempt ever at Needle Drag nail art. I used Revlon Midnight Affair for the navy base and then added a second coat of the navy and blobbed in the white polish and dragged with the needle. Now clearly I am not a professional, but if you do attempt, do one finger at a time or your polish will be too dry. I was going for the heart style pattern I have seen done by other artists on IG, but I think my navy coat was too thin to get good drag.

I will try this again, at least once more to see if I can get this one right. Fail in my book, but at least ti was a cool fail right!!!

Cheers all,

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Digital Dozen Does New and Improved, Wednesday

This one...I'm meh on. It looked really cute in person and I wore it for New Years Eve, but I feel like I'm just not a Negative Space kind of gal. My brain doesn't seem to work that way.

I used one coat of Beauty Secrets Ridge Filler as my base colour as I wanted a hint of milkiness and not a full on clear base. I then dotted in pink and teal acrylic and waited for that to dry before stamping some geometric designs from Bundle Monster on random fingers on both hands.

Pretty simple, kind of clowns and unicorns or something going on. I don't know, what do you guys think of Negative Space? I know a few artists I follow that kill this look!

Cheers all,

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Digital Dozen Does New and Improved, Tuesday

Today we have something for the 'cuteness' fans. I wanted to try out another blobbicure as I think I've only done one in the past. For some reason, I got an octopus in my head that just had to correspond, (something about the tentacles I think). Our minds work in mysterious ways right!

Anyway, the base on this one is Orly Lollipop and the darker shade is Finger Paints Pop Art Purple. I used Ciate Pepperminty for the accent nail base and a mix of the other shades and acrylic paints for my lil buddy Bubbles here.

He turned out super cute and even better once I added the matte. So far, 2/2 on styles I need to use more. I especially like the blobbing used with the freehand in this look. Check out my girls below, and you may also notice some fantastic new faces listed!

Cheers all,

Monday, January 11, 2016

Pallet Cleanser

I called this one a pallet cleanser because I sat down with no idea what I wanted more than just to play at a few things. The only thing I sat down with any certainty on, was my base colour. I really wanted my favourite nude as my base. It's definitely a go to for me after periods of wearing dark colours. This is Fingerpaints Paper Mache.

I stamped with Revlon Espresso from an unknown import plate, and dotted in black acrlylic. Between the two, I decided to add a little distressing in gold.

It turned out a silly little mix, but I ended up liking it. Do you guys ever just sit down and let it flow? It's a bit like art therapy!

Cheers all,

Digital Dozen Does New and Improved, Monday

Well well well, back to my favorite week of the month. Digital Dozen week this round is New and Improved! I decided to retry stuff this week that has stumped me in the passed or that I never circled back to for whatever reason. This summer I did a couple back to back saran manis and loved them but then forgot to keep at the technique. Today's look is a two-for-one, because I never use vinyls and its been a while since those first couple sarans.

I used a base of Sally Hansen White Out in one coat and one dry I applied some old wave vinyls I had kicking around. I then used a pinched piece of saran to splodge on four complimentary shades from Ruby White Tips. I went from lightest shade to darkest to build slowly and started with the green.

Once done, I removed the vinyls, dotted in with the gunmetal grey holo and topped with matte coat. This look is kind of 'outside the box' for me and I really liked wearing it. This week really will be an excuse to force myself to try things I wouldn't or haven't for a while. I recommend this to anyone. It's almost cleansing. 

Cheers all,