Thursday, May 28, 2015

Essie Full Steam Ahead and Nail Stamping

This lovely whimsical design is the kind I could personally wear daily. If I weren't a blogger trying new things all the time I would wear all things girls and pretty all the time. The base for this one is two coats of Full Steam Ahead from Essie topped with Pure Ice Heartbreaker and stamped with Nabi Sky in a scrollwork design. I matted the whole thing and love the green shimmers through below my stamping.

Just whispy and beautiful...and auto correct just corrected that to whisky! Apparently Blogger is a drunk! Ha!

Cheers all,

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Moyou Pro 15, Tone on Tone Stamping

A cute tone on tone stamping look I did recently using Moyou Pro Plate 15. This is a brick red Essie that I don't have a name for over China Glaze Dance Baby. I really love wearing tone on tone stamping and it's so quick to accomplish.

I'm heading to one of those Paint Night events tonight, and might even take some pictures for you guys. Fingers crossed I can still paint on a canvas about a thousand time bigger than my fingers!

Cheers all,

Friday, May 22, 2015

My Indie Polish, For My Fi Swatch

This amazing pink glitter polish is from My Indie Polish linked here, and it's also a charity polish. This amazing pink is two coats and chalk full of micro holo glitters in and dusty holo goodness! As usual with this brand, straight amazing quality and formula. Quick dry time too.

This ones a keeper guys!

Cheers all,

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dragon Claw Polish, Ice Cream Nails

I had some more fun the other day with Dragon Fly Wings from Dragon Claw Polish. I created this super cute sweet treats combo. My Ice cream cone and cupcake look were created in all acrylic paint. I also have to confess that this was inspired by an account on Instagram that does Gel Polish, and I can't find the info now. LE sigh. If anyone recognizes this let me know.

Slurp slurp hope you enjoyed these!

Cheers all,

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dragon Claw Polish, Holo Green Day and a Tape Mani

This one friends is Holo Green Day from Dragon Claw Polish store linked here. This is a super easy and opaque green/teal glitter that easily built to opacity in two coats. This wasn't goopy or thick in any way. Super easy and so glowing in person. A teal lovers dream! I totally recommend all the Dragon Claw Polish's. All those I've used to date are fantastic formula.

Now on to a tape mani I created with the polish. I taped off some random sections and used an opaque white polish and a teal jelly to create the gradient. This allowed the glitter to peep through the jelly near the ends.

This one was my first full tape mani, and these are not as easy say they look. So props to those of you who do these all the time.

Cheers all,

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ruby White Tips, It's a Tiara Swatch

Another RWT now available is It's a Tiara, named for a scene in Big Bang Theory! This stunning soft darker orange shimmer is just gorgeous on. Between the saffron shade and this, the new line has orange and warm tone lovers covered. The Ruby White Tips shop is linked here.  This swatch is just two coats, and this one doesn't show brush strokes or have any formula issues. Very awesome!

Don't forget to check ou this and the other new polishes over at the RWT Etsy shop linked above.

Cheers all,

Friday, May 15, 2015

Digital Dozen, Geometric Week. Day 5/5

This is my final look, courtesy of Moyou Doodles. It's definately a good Geometric plate. I was able to grab two plates during the last release. Picked up a Sailor plate I can't wait to use either! This is a base of Bam from My Indie Polish and Konad White for the stamping.

I really loved this in person, and wore it for a while. I loved the shimmer peeking through even though I matted this. Check out my girls below!

Cheers all,

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Digital Dozen, Geometric Week. Day 4/5

This ladies was the funniest dotticure on a soon to be released called Safron from Ruby White tips. Swatches out soon. I dotted in a corresponding acrylic paint and matted it. Once it dried it had like a fuzzy look. I was even asked by my dental hygienist if it was furry.

Just a quickie, but I hope you like it. I did!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Digital Dozen, Geometric Week. Day 3/5

Another combo look coming at you for today's day three Geometric for The Digital Dozen. I chose four geometric stamping images from Moyou Artist Plate 15, and stamped in Konad white...with my new Creative Stamper! Side note, that thing really is a dream! My base for this is Twiggie from Color Club and the dots are acrylic paint. The whole thing is matte this time.

For some reason this reminded me of a circuit board. Don't forget to check my girls hard work today in the inlinkz below.

Cheers all,

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Indie polish, Star of Wonder

Got another swatch from My Indie Polish for you today. This is Star of Wonder available at their store linked here. I love this one, it's like warm glowy embers on your fingertips and even changes depending on your lighting. This is two super easy coats with topcoat.

Let me know what you think, can you wear blingtastic polishes like this? I can, and plan to...over and over again!

Cheers all,

Digital Dozen, Geometric Week. Day 2/5

This look was funky/psychedelic in person. Kind of 3D looking at certain angles because of the way the dots were layered in two layers and circles. The blue polish is once again Dragon Claw Polish, Dragon Fly Wings. My dots were acrylic over a white base.

Hope you guys like my Geometry so far...I was so bad at math I'm just going with 'shape pattern' in my head!!

Cheers all,

Monday, May 11, 2015

Digital Dozen, Geometric Week. Day 1/5

Geometric is defined as "characterized by or decorated with regular lines or shapes" on the two definition websites I checked, so I feel this gives me free reign to stamp and dot my face off this week! First up is a coral look, this is Sinful Colors Hazard. This bottle is actually pretty empty as its a go too coral in the summer. Darn you Target for closing in Canada! Where will I get a replacement now!! Anyway, I stamped in a wine coloured Essie and dotted in red and brown acrylic paint then matted the whole deal. I was going for a repeating, but not uniform look and found the end result really striking. I wore this for Mother's Day...and still am actually.

I'm straight up loving adding art to stamping lately. sometimes dotting, and sometimes freehand. It adds a lot of depth and creates a unique look. Don't forget about my friends below, I'm loving today's looks.

Cheers all,

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dragon Claw Polish, Dragon Fly Wings Swatch

Hi guys, thought I'd give you all a bonus swatch today. This is Dragon Fly Wings available at the Dragon Claw Polish  store linked here. I couldn't wait any longer to show you this beauty that has quickly moved into the top three in my collection. As with the other Dragon Claw Polish I was sent for review, this formula was easy and flawless in two coats. Just look at the green shimmer! So glowing in every light.

I highly recommend this one, and have some neat art looks coming up using this polish all ready to go.

Cheers all,