Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dragon Claw Polish, Holo Green Day and a Tape Mani

This one friends is Holo Green Day from Dragon Claw Polish store linked here. This is a super easy and opaque green/teal glitter that easily built to opacity in two coats. This wasn't goopy or thick in any way. Super easy and so glowing in person. A teal lovers dream! I totally recommend all the Dragon Claw Polish's. All those I've used to date are fantastic formula.

Now on to a tape mani I created with the polish. I taped off some random sections and used an opaque white polish and a teal jelly to create the gradient. This allowed the glitter to peep through the jelly near the ends.

This one was my first full tape mani, and these are not as easy say they look. So props to those of you who do these all the time.

Cheers all,


  1. Props indeed... this does not look easy at all. Heck as much as I love taped manis I'm just terrible at them. Your efforts definitely paid of because these nails rock!

  2. What a stunning polish, and I love the art you did with it!