Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Indie Polish, Rainy Afternoon

This is another goodie I was sent from My Indie Polish now available linked here.
This shard filled grey jelly has just a bit of blue/lavender depending on the light. It really is just like the unsure sky you would see on a Rainy Afternoon...hence the name! I mean this one couldn't reflect its name more. As with any shard, this one took a more steady handed application, but was also pretty easy. This is still just two coats. I swear this brand is the two coat wonder maker! They are all so smooth and opaque!

I love greys, and this is no exception it's so funky yet wearable. I've got some great art coming for you on this one too! Have you guys gone over to the shop and had a look around yet? Let me know which of these has been your fave, I'm curious!

Cheers all,

Monday, April 27, 2015

Indie Polish, Wondrously Polished Fishnet Floral

You all remember Zap from last week available now over at My Indie Polish. Anyway, today's 52 week Crumpets prompt is 3 Neons. I used Zap as my neon blue base and the rest is acrylic paint including those super cute Gerbera style daisies. I saw a similar design over at Wonderously Polished, but hers was a negative space look. This look was easy enough as long as you lay down a base white under those flower petals and it doubles as an outline. This allows the neons to pop on the much darker background.

Hope you like this fun neon look and check out the inlinkz below. Oh, almost forgot...this was matte too.

Cheers all,

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gel Polish, Shellac, Soak Off Gel, My Experiences So Far. Part One

Ok guys, so for Christmas I started getting all the supplies I might need to do Gel Polish nails for myself and friends on the side. I've been playing with Gellish and the China Glaze range for a bit now and feel confident enough to fill you in on my experiences so far. What works, what doesn't my big error and how it can help us bloggers along the way.

I started off practicing manis on my right hand and testing what works with gel polish, and how long it actually lasts. This mani for example is something I've always wondered. Can you do acrylic paint in conjunction with gel polish? Yes you can, and stamping as well. The first two fingers were acrylic paint design over the base pink Gelish called Passion. The last two fingers were stamping over Gelish. This mani was sealed with Seche, but I've also sealed designs in under a gel topcoat and yes it worked well too.

On to my big error. Once I realized how strong this made my poor 'never grow' right hand, I used it to repair and grow out a broken pinkie on my leftie and since have been using a thin base on my nail art hand. Why you ask? Because I was too rough on my removal in the beginning and was using too thick of gel product and damaged my nails a bit and weakened them.

Any damage I caused is all grown out now, but for those of you who can't grow length this would be a great solution. Happy accident right!

In summery, I use a super thin Gelish base then cure followed by a super thin Gelish topcoat then cure. After this you can do any art on top using regular polish. I do this whenever I'm needing to grow out a break or know I'm going to have a week I may be rough on my hands. I also have found I can remove the art on top and reapply. The base holds up to polish changes for about a week. 

Any questions please ask, cause I've tried many combinations and techniques. I'm not a pro, but Gel Polish has definitely found its way into my rotation. Oh, and best thing ever for pedicures! I'll keep you guys in the loop any other tips I gather along the way.

Cheers all,

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ruby White Tips, and Donuts...from SPACE!

Dudududu dudududu! That's my Twilight Zone sound effect...for those of you that know that super old show. Anywho. These cute cartoon donuts look a touch more attack of the space donuts then Tim Hortons but hey, cute is cute. For the space age background I used NYX Fierce Purple, Orly Lollipop 
And Ruby White Tips Prototype Shard Topper. A simply gradient topped with the shards looked pretty funky, and kind of ice like. (Side note here...I've been using the hair glue from Sally to protect from gradient mess and it's so cheap and awesome!) My donuts were acrylic and I used a matte finish at the end. Today is X is for Extra Special over at A2Z linked here, and I made this mani because Ruby White Tips is a very special brand to me...Laura Toff...you know who you are!

I took a bottle shot of the shard, I just love how much shards look opalescent. So cool and different. What's your fave glitter style?

Cheers all,

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Indie Polish, Summer Collection

Well my friends, today is the day! I hinted at a really awesome Summer collection releasing soon and today, I have them all! This collection from My Indie Polish is releasing the six polish collection On Friday. Let's dive in.

These hot neons needed no white base and regardless of finish these were all opaque and amazingly intense in two coats. My Indie Polish is available at the store linked here.

First up is Bang a yellow jelly with a mix of red glitters. You'll remember this and my love for it in my Jem look last week. Formula on this was impeccable and very easy to use. Two coats with topcoat.

Next up is Crash. It's an intense minty glorious green with micro holo. I just loved this one, oh and by the way...it's a glow polish. See below for my first glow shots. It's tricky to get good glow shots and I'm in awe of the girls who do it beautifully. Two coats with topcoat.

Next is Zip, a coral leaning orange so intense on it even got Mr. Lady Maids attention. This is way more creamy than the rest, but perfect application and matte finish when dry. Two coats with topcoat.

This next is Bam, a lilac leaning purple holo. This is just dreamy in person, and formula is too! I want to use this one again and again for art. Two coats with topcoat.

This is Pow, the most difficult to get shots of, but not difficult to work with. Another fantastic jelly with holo glitter, similar to the green. Two coats with topcoat. 

Ok, between the pink and this next blue, you have my top picks from the collection. Zap is the most intense blue holo I've ever used with a nice subtle shimmer, and very easy and opaque. It just glows. Two coats with topcoat.

This is one of those special collections where everything just works fabulous. The colours, finishes and everything were wonderful. If you're looking for a full summer collection, I would recommend them all and at the very least....that blue and pink are a must. Run on over to the store linked here.

One more just for yum factor!

Cheers all,

Monday, April 20, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge Vacation...and Wolf Paw Nails!

So these are a look I wore on a recent family trip to Great Wolf Lodge. A cute wolf paw print across my fingers. Just quick in acrylic with a dotting tool over a nice beige base. My kids liked them and I blended into my environment. Just love it there, and wanted to wear something cute.

Have you guys been to one in your area? It's such a cute place and they do such a good job of taking care of guests and entertaining lil ones. Unfortunately my phone pics are dark, or I'd share with you some funny pics of us running around.

Cheers all,

Friday, April 17, 2015

Digital Dozen Childhood Week, Jem and the Holograms

So hello hello and welcome to my final post for digital Dozen Childhood Week. I've been dreading testing my skills out on this one...till this polish arrived at my door! Then I was inspired! I loved Jem and the Holograms as a kid...the doll...the show...her magic Earings! She was eighties amazing with the hair and clothes. So think of this as a preview to the coolest summer collection. Oh man guys, so good. Anyway, this is two coats of Indie Polish Bang, these are available soon linked here, but I had to give you a taste. While your over there, check out her glitters. This Canadian brand is doing some really cool stuff. (Hipster Please...totally cool and had me laughing!) The formula of this hot yellow crelly was awesome, even with the larger glitters. I loved it, it's so summery and so perfect for my Jem look. 

Ok, if you're wondering why I was dreading this one...it's just portraits in general. I usually bomb them. My music notes and Jem and her badass hairdo are all acrylic paints. 

Now, I can say I'm pretty happy with the look, but in macro it does look like she might have a skin condition. Poor Jem!

Cheers all,

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Digital Dozen, Childhood, Cabbage Patch Kids

This is day day for of our Digital Dozen Childhood week and I'm fully representing my favourite doll today. I was five when I got my red head Cabbage Patch Kid who I remember calling Rachel. She looked just like the image I found online to use for inspiration for this look. My base is Lady Liberty from Laquerlicious, but is still available now that the brand is Polish M. One of my all time bestie-most teals. I created my lil friend and some funny little cabbages in acrylic paints. I'm also squeezing this one into A2Z for W is for Wild today. A little stretch I know, but they are each born in a cabbage!

Hope your enjoying the week as much as I am. Don't laugh too hard at the bubble booger visible in the macro shot. Although I did when I edited these pictures.

Cheers all,