Saturday, May 31, 2014

Galaxy Pie Swap

This is a swap I did with +Beltane Secret on IG, her account is linked here.
She also chose to do the ever popular neon and polka dots first inspired by @allnailseverything.

These were simple and kind of edgy. I wish I'd taped the triangle lines, but I was trying to force myself t practice my freehand straight lines. Instead of crisp these are only alright, but I really liked the arms length! This is two coats of My Boyfriend Scales Walls. The Black is China Glaze Liquid Leather. The details are a mix of silver and blue glitters and polishes. I used a tiny dotting tool and detail brush for the details.

In case your wondering about the upside down position, its the one Beltane used and I thought Id give it a whirl too. As a side note, I've been having a ton of fun with all these swaps. If anyone reading this would like to swap with me, please contact me.

Cheers all,

Friday, May 30, 2014

RWT Hobbits Collection

Sent for review.

Sooooo this Saturday Laura from Ruby White Tips is launching the Hobbitt collection on her Etsy page linked here. These six shades are stunning from what I've seen and tried myself! The two I was sent were Concerning Hobbits and Smaug's Gold. 

Concerning Hobbits is a coppery brown shimmery shade with a formula like well warmed butter. My swatch of this shimmering golden brown beauty is just two coats to reach opacity. As you can see in the shot with the bottle, in certain lights this one even sparks a little green. I recommend this one for those of you who like earth tones. Laura really does earth tones well, and this is a great example of that.

The photo below is indirect sunlight.

The next shade I have...I have no words!!! really! If I start, I won't stop. It's simply the perfect yellow gold. It immediately puts me in mind of a horde of golden coins in a pirates cache or in this case...a dragons! Smaug's gold is a two Coater, but I did three to be sure as it's a bit less opaque. 

The photo below is under my kitchen pot lights...because they love glitters and shimmers. Just lookie!

This last below is indirect sunlight. It's very buttery in this lighting.

I simply adored these two and definately recommend both. Head on over to Laura's store Saturday to get these while you can.

This last bonus shot is a prototype Laura was working on for the collection that was going to be Smaug's Fire. It didn't make the cut as Laura wants her product to be full vegan. She takes it very seriously, and this one didn't make it. But sigh, it was a beauty. That was my attempt at freehand flames with a nail art pen on top.

Cheers all,

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mani Swap #2, I love animal print!

I know I just posted animal print, but I also know we can never have enough! So for another Mani Swap I chose this design from @Sallienails on Instagram. Sallienails are two young cousins who want to be nail designers and co-own their IG page. Check out this and other designs. For the design I used Barielle Swizzle Stix and Sinful Colors Cream Pink and China Glaze Liquid Leather. Simple, quick and cute!

This last is a what I'm doing now, and much less colour accurate as I'm outside. Once I had this mani on I just had to put on a matching sun dress and ended up starting Game Of Thrones Book Two on my patio.

Cheers all,

Buck Na.ked Soap Company Review, Lavender and Rosemary All Natural Lotion Bar

Sent for review.

First thing today, I want all my ladies to get Buck Naked! 

Now that I have your attention, I'm going to help change the quality of your skin. No exaggeration either. I was recently sent a ‎tin of Lavender and Rosemary All Natural Lotion Bar from Buck Na.Ked Soap Company on Etsy. The shop is linked here. 
Before this product my most recent care items were a rich glycerin hand cream and a good cuticle oil pen. I th‎ought my fingers were doing well lately, even though I still struggled with hangnails on my thumb. I gave myself two weeks to test this before writing this review to give it a chance to work. 

The tin I was sent is lavender and rosemary sc‎ent, which I love! It also is available in unscented for those of you with sensitivity. The lotion is in bar form, but melts on contact in your hand. I used this two ways, first I would scoop a small amount for full hand moisturizing a couple times a day, and second I would rub a finger tip along the bar to melt enough to use as cuticle oil! How cool is that! It's such a versatile product for us nail types. The lotion goes on rich and slightly oily, but quickly absorbs in a couple minutes. 
To wrap up, after the two weeks my fingers have lost their regular shiny stretched look and any fine finger lines were minimized, also the ‎rough area on the edges of my nail sidewalls hasn't made an appearance. A lot of benefits that I wasn't expecting and all for a really great price too. For a direct link to the 2 ounce tin click here. This tin will also last you forever as you need so little when it melts in your hand. So if you are looking to try something new, I really recommend  this one.

Cheers all,

Friday, May 23, 2014

What I'm Wearing, OPI My Private Jet

This is two coats of OPI My Private Jet...the one they call the dud version. Now I'll admit, I've never tried the 'good' version, but how can anything so pretty and deep be a dud. So I'm going to reserve judgment on it's dud status until I someday try the other. Till then...beautiful, and great formula!

On top I just added the two gold studs for a little somfin somfin. I thought silver, but in person the gold looked much better.

Cheers all,

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mani Swap #1, Cheetah Print Nail Art

So this is a mani created for a mani swap I just took part in. I reached out on IG looking for anyone interested in sharing a mani swap and pulling inspiration from each others accounts. This is the first of three I have lined up so far! This mani is from the lovely nailsbylazic account linked here. She recreated my recent neon flowers and dots mani.

For this look I used all polish listed below;
Finger Paints Don't Make A Scene, two coats.
Sinful Colors Cream Pink 
Sally Hansen Blue Me Away 
Essie Shake Your $$ Maker 

Her versions are on the left, mine on the right. Hers are just lovely, and I've already told her we need to do this again sometime.

I really like the combination of the green, blue and pink in her design. It was a great look, and I can't stop staring at my fingers. Hope you like our looks!

Cheers all,

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Simsons! Green Goddess Nail Decals

Here we go! Another creation using my fave nail decals from Green Goddess Creations, and the link to these awesome sauce decals is here. Lelia is wonderful, and has been so great to work with I'm happy to refer you guys to her shop. She does custom decals as well, so you could even order something for a special occasion.

Here is the base I prepped. This is a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales walls. I then dotted on the black dots and made my flowing lines around them with watered down acrylics. I used a Q-Tip to soak up extra to give the watercolour effect. Once dry I redid my black dots to keep them crisp. I didn't see this anywhere, so I don't know what to call it...but it's pretty! Watercolour Overflow perhaps? I definately want to play around with this!

Once dry, I used some Seche and moved on to the decals. Since my background was a little darker for these, I painted the image white on the back and allowed that to dry before I applied them. 

I'm going to say Homer looks pretty happy with his new home on my fingers!

This last close up shows the decal fingers. I had a bit of trouble with rippling on Marge because I attempted to shift her too much. The beauty with decals though is that in person you really can't see edges.

Cheers all,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Polish Addict Summer Berries

I'm in the mood...the mood for some summer, or at least summer polish! So, ‎Polish Addict Nail Color Summer Berries it is! It was soo cold and snowy in Ontario Canada that since spring hit, I've been mostly craving more pretty and pastel shades.

This is two coats of Summer Berries over one coat of Sally Hansen Berry Juicy with topcoat. Summer Berries is a lovely mix of berry coloured glitter in various shapes and sizes. The base is a pastel pink shade with a hint of purple to it. It's soo sweet it makes my teeth hurt! I just adored this polish.

After these pictures I thought why not add a cute little strawberry leaf top as an accent 'berry' finger. I added a base of white acrylic for the shape and to make the greens pop without showing through the glitters. Then I added Essie Shake Your $$$ Maker and Nicole by OPI Daffy Dill to create the leafy strawberry tops. 

I hope you enjoy my hint of summer! I know yesterday really felt like summer, and I spent the day in the park with my family!

Cheers all,

Friday, May 16, 2014

Purple Tips

This purple french tip look is soo simple, and I can't tell you how much I love this. This was two coats of Orly Digital Glitter, another of my recent nail mail presents. On the tips I used the bottle brush and criss-crossed the tips with Pure Ice No Means No. I just love how well these two went together. I already want to recreate this look with two other polishes, and I'm still wearing this!

As you can tell in this final picture, I could have used an extra pass with my tip colour. Next time, and you could only tell in this photo...not in person.

Love love this!

Cheers all,

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Born Pretty Holo, Cake

Simple swatching and layering today. This is two coats of Born Pretty Holo Number 10. This is one of those blinding holos that's as stunning on as in the bottle and in any light! Below I layered one coat of Rainbow Honey Magic Cake over Top. The contrast of the matte larger neon glitters over this teal leaning blue holo was really pretty in person.

These last two are indirect natural sunlight. Sometimes a little layering is all a girl needs!

Cheers all,