Friday, May 30, 2014

RWT Hobbits Collection

Sent for review.

Sooooo this Saturday Laura from Ruby White Tips is launching the Hobbitt collection on her Etsy page linked here. These six shades are stunning from what I've seen and tried myself! The two I was sent were Concerning Hobbits and Smaug's Gold. 

Concerning Hobbits is a coppery brown shimmery shade with a formula like well warmed butter. My swatch of this shimmering golden brown beauty is just two coats to reach opacity. As you can see in the shot with the bottle, in certain lights this one even sparks a little green. I recommend this one for those of you who like earth tones. Laura really does earth tones well, and this is a great example of that.

The photo below is indirect sunlight.

The next shade I have...I have no words!!! really! If I start, I won't stop. It's simply the perfect yellow gold. It immediately puts me in mind of a horde of golden coins in a pirates cache or in this case...a dragons! Smaug's gold is a two Coater, but I did three to be sure as it's a bit less opaque. 

The photo below is under my kitchen pot lights...because they love glitters and shimmers. Just lookie!

This last below is indirect sunlight. It's very buttery in this lighting.

I simply adored these two and definately recommend both. Head on over to Laura's store Saturday to get these while you can.

This last bonus shot is a prototype Laura was working on for the collection that was going to be Smaug's Fire. It didn't make the cut as Laura wants her product to be full vegan. She takes it very seriously, and this one didn't make it. But sigh, it was a beauty. That was my attempt at freehand flames with a nail art pen on top.

Cheers all,

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