Thursday, October 27, 2016

Digital Dozen Does Birthday's, Unicorn Wood

So today's look is another Digital Dozen Does Birthday's post. This is where a member of the group that's having a birthday chooses an image and we have a giant Twinsie post! This month we celebrate the birthday of the fabulous Amber Hess of Nails Like Lace linked here.
Amber chose the image below of this magical looking wood we ended up calling 'Unicorn Wood.' (Yes, this did lead to some interesting jokes in our group!)

Even though I'm taking a bit of a break to grow out a painful break, I had to jump in to celebrate Amber. I used a base of Nails Inc Mayfair Lane and sponged on purple, blue and dark pink Squeeze Pigments from YH Beja that I reviewed a million years ago. I then stamped with a mixed pickup of white and blue polish using the wood grain image from BM-608.

I loved this, and tried to get photos. The tiny pink glitters from China Glaze You're Too Sweet. The micro glitters decided to really freak out my camera! Oh well, still super cool in person.

Happy Birthday Amber!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

#clairestelle8halloween, Black Cats. Halloween Nails

This look I created a while back for #clairestelle8halloween but couldn't post due to some other business. I loved this one though. My base is OPI Eurso Euro, I then added my chevron stamping and my details in acrylic paint.

My kitty definitely turned out creepy, and maybe a little fat! I also really like my floral nails.

Cheers all,

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oct 18 Clairestelle8 Halloween Bats Nail Art

So I had a massively low break on my swatch hand and decided to give it a bit of time to grow out. I have a few more looks I've pre-done for #clairestrlle8halloween, but I created this bat prompt look on a tip. I've never actually done art on a tip before, it was fun! I created a gradient using orange acrylic paint over OPI Schnapps Out Of It. I then mixed a nice coordinating brown shade for the background trees. Once dry I uadded the front black tree trunks to give a depth to my background. Once I was happy I added my bat in acrylic paint on top.

I matted it out and totally loved this finished piece.

Cheers all,

Monday, October 17, 2016

Pumpkins for #clairestelle8halloween. My Indie Polish, The GreatPumpkin.

These were my Pumpkin nails for #clairestelle8halloween on a great polish I had to pick up recently from My Indie Polish. My leaves and pumpkin design were all acrylic paint.

On to the polish, this is two coats of the best thermal ever! This creamy off white/orange shimmer is amazing. Totally great formula and packed with shimmer. I couldn't get over th colour combo when I saw it go on pre-order and had to have it. 

I wasn't disappointed and love this polish.

Cheers all,

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Oct 15 Clairestelle8 Skulls.

Today's look is for #clairestelle8halloween and the prompt Skulls. I wanted to go a little off the rails with the colours I chose, and I went with some blues. I Used a base of OPI Sky's The Limit and stamped a rose pattern from BM-618 over top in Nabi Sky. I then added the skulls from Hehe-046 in white and used parts of a tribal design to add just portions of lines.

Once dry, I added black acrylic dots into the eye wholes of each skull to make them feel a little darker. What do you think of my off the wall skulls on roses design?

Cheers all,

Friday, October 14, 2016

Crumpets is Back! Blue and Silver.

A little non-halloween look for today. I created this full dotticure for The Crumpets Challenge return! The first prompt is Blue and Silver.

I created this dotting mix and match look with:
-OPI The Sky's My Limit
-Sinful Colors Endless Blue
-Ciate Pepperminty
-Revlon Starry Eyed

Take a look at all today's fantastic looks in the InLinkz below.

Cheers all,

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Digital Dozen Does Vampy, Friday

Ok, so I wanted to do one more Halloween design and keep it freehand too, and I saw this really adorable kitty look on hdinails on Instagram linked here. I decided to recreate her grey kitties on teal in a Halloween colour scheme. This base polish is a special Halloween release from Wet and Wild a few years back called Black Magic. The kitties and yarn ball are all acrylic paint. I hope you like my last Vampy look for Digital Dozen Does Vampy week.

Once again I want to welcome all the new girls to the Digital Dozen. I hope you guys love it as we all do, and we're happy to have you. Olivia Jade Nails, Snacks On Rotation, Painted Fingertips, Uma’s Nail Art, ProcrastiNails, Manicured Canvas, Let’s Begin Nails, Fancy Side Nails, 25 Sweetpeas and Manis & Makeovers!

Cheers all,

Digital Dozen Does Vampy, Thursday

Today's Digital Dozen Does Vampy is a dark and distressed fall look using one of my favourite fall images BM-H11 on a background of OPI Schnapps Out Of It distressed with black acrylic paint. For my stamping I used Essie Penny Talk.

That's all she wrote! I loved this one!

Cheers all,

Digital Dozen Does Vampy, Wednesday

Today's look for Vampy is a weird one I did off the cuff. I wanted to do the cute little bows on the OPI My Private Jet, but I'm not sure what happened with the rest of it. I stamped the fishnet on and added the acrylic dotting. For the bows, I stamped them from the plate BP-X03 and then filled in with acrylic paints and added the dots.

Cute but strange, moving on to tomorrow's look...I love it!

Cheers all,

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Digital Dozen Does Vampy, Tuesday

So today I've decided that Halloween is definitely Vampy as long as I keep my colour palette 'sexy and edgy' (aka dark) I'll fit right in. 

I started with a base of OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow, and this green is definitely a Vampy colour that I love whenever I use it. It looks just like Velvet when matte. I used acrylic paint to add my dotting and pumpkins. 

I loved this look much more than yesterday's, and I think I'm getting the swing of this. Again, don't forget to check out all the girls below in our Digital Dozen Inlinkz. Especially all the new friends!


Cheers all,

Monday, October 10, 2016

Digital Dozen Does Vampy, Monday

First thing and most importantly, the Digital Dozen would like to welcome some brand new members today! We recently reached out to the community and had a wonderful response of interested ladies. Please show them love in the Inlinkz below, and enjoy all the new art. 

I was at first stumped by Digital Dozen Does Vampy. It means risqué, darker, edgier and sexy. These aren't descriptive words I would usually use with my fashion or nails. 

I decided to start with darker colours and a new technique. I did a blingy needle drag on the final two fingers and then decided to use the diamond images from plate BP-L013.

I used:
L.A. Colors Electrified
Essie Cashmere Bathrobe

So diamonds, glitter and dark colours. Sexy and edgier? I'm not sure. As for my needle drag. I definitely need to try this again. I need practice, but it was fun. 

Cheers all,

Thursday, October 6, 2016


This look was inspired by the Spiders prompt for #clairestelle8 Halloween Challenge. I'm a few days behind, but we've had two flu-ish kids here all week. I created the background with a base of Indie Polish Zip with orange acrylic paint wavy lines on top and watered down some black paint and added that on top. I stamped my webs and spiders from BM-H07 and sealed.

All done! A total mess to clean, but cute!

Cheers all,

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Graveyard Bestie Twins

This look was inspired by the Graveyard prompt for #clairestelle8 Halloween Challenge. I did these as Bestie Twinsie's with my good friend Elena from over at Nail Experiments linked here, and here.
For my base I used Picture Polish Imperial and the rest was created in acrylic paints. The image is all freehand, but I did start my Haunted House with a stamp image from Bundle Monster BM-305 and then added details to it in black and orange

This look was a lot of fun to create, and I always love holiday nails!

Cheers all,

Sunday, October 2, 2016

31 Day. Day 24, Inspired by a Book

This look is for the prompt Inspired by a book. I chose the book series Scaredy Squirrel. These are Canadian children's books and the main character is super cute. If you want to check out the series, it's linked here.
The base on this is Twiggie from Color Club and the leaves stamping is an image from BM-S026.

I freehanded the acorns and my little squirrel.

Hope you like this one, it's one of my faves!

Cheers all,

31 Day. Day 31, Honor an Artist you Love

Today's look was inspired by Nailexperiments linked here. Her look was super cute with stars and a Unicorn head. I didn't have similar stamps, so I did hearts from BM-H18 and a full silhouette from BM-615. I enhanced the hair and lengthened the horn a little bit, and added the little star and dotting. My distressed base is a mix of Twiggie from Color Club, Essie Full Steam Ahead and Nails Inc Mayfair Lane.

I matted and loved this look! I love Unicorns, and I don't know why this might be my first unicorn mani ever...I think!

Cheers all,

Saturday, October 1, 2016

31 Day. Day 30, Inspired by a Tutorial

I recreated this look from a video tutorial from Weeklystamping on Instagram. For some reason I don't like mine as much as the original, but it's still cute. I used a base of Ruby White Tips Mon Cher as my base and stamped on a fake water marbl from BM-320. I then filled and reverse stamped the flowers one per finger using SE18.

Ok folks we are almost through the challenge! Phew! I realize now I missed posting my book prompt, so that ones coming today as well!

Cheers all,