Thursday, October 27, 2016

Digital Dozen Does Birthday's, Unicorn Wood

So today's look is another Digital Dozen Does Birthday's post. This is where a member of the group that's having a birthday chooses an image and we have a giant Twinsie post! This month we celebrate the birthday of the fabulous Amber Hess of Nails Like Lace linked here.
Amber chose the image below of this magical looking wood we ended up calling 'Unicorn Wood.' (Yes, this did lead to some interesting jokes in our group!)

Even though I'm taking a bit of a break to grow out a painful break, I had to jump in to celebrate Amber. I used a base of Nails Inc Mayfair Lane and sponged on purple, blue and dark pink Squeeze Pigments from YH Beja that I reviewed a million years ago. I then stamped with a mixed pickup of white and blue polish using the wood grain image from BM-608.

I loved this, and tried to get photos. The tiny pink glitters from China Glaze You're Too Sweet. The micro glitters decided to really freak out my camera! Oh well, still super cool in person.

Happy Birthday Amber!


  1. I love the base - those colors mesh really well together! The double stamping is great too! (PS sorry about your break.)

    1. Thanks Kristi. It's no biggie, just less space. I really liked the colours too.