Friday, January 10, 2014

Ruby White Tips, Rubber Man Review and Swatch

So folks this is it, my first official swatch and review for an Indie!!! Squuuuuuueeeeeeeeel!
Ok now all business. (Squeal!)
Ok, really!

This squishy jelly thermal polish is from the soon to be released American Horror Story Collection from Ruby White Tips. The lovely and talented Laura Toff was willing to take the chance and let me review this, so here goes!

This is two coats of Rubber Man followed by two coats of KB Shimmer Quick Dry for shine. As with other thermals, this goes on better in thin coats. Laura actually created two versions of this polish and the one in the pictures below is the one with fine micro glitter. In some light these glitters look black in others they fire reddish and copper. In all lights this is lovely.

The above shot is the cold transition of this, or as cold as I could capture indoors. Outdoors this was almost black. In general I find the cold version to be in the brown family.

The above two are the warm transition. I find this kind of a coppery colour...but at it's lightest it's almost pink. (I think I just decided that a thermal is a more difficult review for your first!)

These last two show the amazing and dramatic transition.

This last is a bottle shot in sunlight.
So, what does everyone think of this one? Personally I can't wait to see the rest of the collection...I may have heard there is a hot hot pink in there...or that could be a rumor.

Laura's marvelous creations can be found on ETSY here and use coupon code LADYMAID you'll get 10% off till March 31.

Cheers all,

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