Monday, June 29, 2015

Pink, Red and Green Floral

So today is another prompt from Crumpets 52 Week Challenge. Today's prompt is Red and Pink Skittlette, so I decided on an alternating floral look. I started with a base of Sally Hansen Mousseline and the used Color Club Twiggie to stamp on the leaf pattern. After I used China Glaze Go Crazy Red to stamp the flowers and create the lotus decal. Only regret was that I didn't stick with just the pink for the lotus fill. It would have popped more then I dotted in a few random pink clusters and matted.

I'm really in love with the final look even though the hubbie said it was Christmasy!

Cheers all,

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Whole Lotta Stripes Going On!

Today is stripes day over on #clairestelle8june on Instagram. First I used one cost of OPI City Shopper and used a makeup sponge tip to add some striped splodge-ing...(totally a word by the way!). Then I added Seche and stamped in the striped image in Konad Black using my Creative Stamper and Bundle Monster BM-604. After that a touch of matte and voila! I loved this and got a ton of compliments on it as well.

Hope you like this look. It was easy and fun. 

Cheers all,

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

KBShimmer, Witch Way and Bundle Monster Stamping

Today's look is a simple one, but a stunner due to KBShimmer Witch Way. This amazing purple crelly/jelly glitter is really rich and and intense. This is just one coat over Fierce Purple from NYX. The Stamping is Bundle Monster BM-604 with Konad White and I dotted in a touch of pink for a little something extra.

For a glitter packed doozie, this polish was really excellent to work with.

Cheers all,

Monday, June 22, 2015

Lilo and Stitch Nail Art

So I adore this final look, it's just so cute! was just one of those stamping days that just seems destined to be a fail! I was advanced stamping for this one which is new to me. I decided to try advanced stamping with acrylic paint as the colour for fill. It does work for those of you wondering, but I didn't know it wasn't dry yet underneath and smeared it a bit. I was however able to fill in the designs by hand, but then of course it also smeared a weensie bit with the matte coat as well. All in all though, still cute. This guy is for today's Crumpets prompt of Navy or Scales, and I've wanted to do Stich forever!!! As for Stitch, he's all acrylic paint as well.

Oh well, Schmear happens...and yes that appears to be blue paint on my palm in my macro. Oy! Almost forgot...that's Fierce Purple as my base from NYX Girl.

Cheers all,

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pirate Booty Nail Art

I had a #clairestelle8june prompt for today of 'Jewels'. All I could think was booty...pirate booty! My under the sea fingers were acrylic paint watered down on Nabi Sky. My treasure nails are all acrylics. I kinda love my pearls.

Hope you like this silly and fun look.

Cheers all,

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Orly Hot Shot, Gel Polish with Stamping

This look was eye catching in person...and also less imperfect at a distance. This is Hot Shot from Orly's Gel Polish line up and my new go to for summer pedicures. As you may or may not have noticed, this mani is a lot shorter than my last post. I growing out a break, so I took my length down and did this gel mani to get me through a weekend away without doing further damage. This image is from Moyou and stamped in Konad white and matted.

Hope you all are having a great week, and I had a great trip away in case your wondering.

Cheers all,

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ruby White Tips, Fern Nail Art

So this look is a cute fern design I came up with to compliment this green prototype from Ruby White Tips. This is two coats of this lovely green shimmer and the art is green and tourqoise acrylic paint. This would be a great starter design for anyone wanting to try out their striping brushes. It took no time at all but came together very nicely. I actually had a cute little lizard planned for today, but it's Leaves prompt today over at #clairesstellejune8 and I remembered creating this look a while back.

Once I have more info on release of this green stunner I'lł let you guys in on it!

Cheers all,

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Saran Tiger...Doesn't that sound like an 80's Rock Band?

Today's post is a grrrrrrreat stamping look I created using Bundle Monster BM-613. I used a nude polish base and using Saran Wrap folded in a V shape I blotted on V shape stripes in OPI 50 Years of Style and Sally Hansen White Out. I then stamped on the stripes in Revlon Espresso and created the decal. I filled in his face in the gold, his nose in the nude and his eyed pop more with a little white dotted in.

The Saran V stripes kind of made this more 3 dimensional as I'd hoped. Please check out the other Crumpets below for looks they created with Saran or Glitter for today.

Cheers all,

Monday, June 15, 2015

Barbie's Fave Mani

Wanting to wear something sicky sweet a while back I created this look, and promptly forgot all about it. This gradient is white acrylic paint sponged over China Glaze Dance Baby. Then I stamped the hearts in China Glaze Go Crazy Red.

That's it, that's all. Just wanted something Barbie would be jealous of for the weekend.

Cheers all,

Friday, June 12, 2015

Digital Dozen Fandom Week, Day 5 NAIL ART!

So I'm pretty sure almost all my Digital Dozen Sisters did one mani inspired by our number one Fandom for Fandom Week. A Fandom is something that you are crazy interested in and follow, and join in its community. Well with that said, the number one Fandom of my life is nails itself. So this adorable mani with a new to me technique is dedicated to the nail world and my love for it.

My love for nail art started with stamping. I got my first Bundle Monster set right near the beginning. In fact, my first blog post was stamping. I chose stamping for this mani and did a multicolour swipe bark image with Pow, Zap and Bam from the My Indie Polish summer line over a white base. Then I stamped a black swirl in Konad Black. Both images are from Vivid Lacquer VL-019.

This macro is of the pinky on Cindy, it was my fave. I loved the way the black dropped a bit and showed through more of the under design.

Cheers all,

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Digital Dozen Fandom Week, Day 4, The Simsons...Old School Fandom!

Today we are going 'Old School Fandom'. I was a big fan of The Simpsons growing up, and I'm pretty sure none of the other girls will tackle this. I sued White Out from Sally Hansen as my base and dotted in with acrylic paint in various sizes. I then filled the back of these cute water decals from Green Goddess Creations and placed them on the nail. after that a matte topper and DONE!

DOH! Aren't these the cutest!

Hope you guys have been enjoying this Digital DOzen week, and don't forget to catch up on the ladies looks linked below!

Don't have a cow man!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Digital Dozen Fandom Week, Day 3. Clash of Clans Nail Art

So I was still having trouble with another Fandom idea when one of the girls mentioned video games. I don't play any system games right now, so I hadn't considered it. I am however newly addicted to Dominations and Clash of Clans with my family and friends. So in honor of the many nights of attacks and building with my husband and the great clan we are members of with our friends, this is one of the Barbarian Horde from Clash of Clans. Hilarious! I decided the base for this had to be Crash from My Indie Polish...cause it's green like the grass, beautiful and the name suits amazingly too.

If you haven't tried either game, Clash is cuter by far and Dominations is a little more realistic. Both are similar and excellent time wasters!

Cheers all,

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Digital Dozen Fandom Week, Day 2 Disney

So Disney! I've loved Disney since I was a kid and still watch all the new releases. So for me Disney fits as a Fandom. Two recent faves were Frozen and Brave. I decided to go with Olaf today, cause well...its Olaf! I was inspired for this image by an Olaf book I've been reading to my little guy for a couple days. This entire look was Acrylic paint by the time I was done. Our little friend here is just watching the clouds go by after a nice sunny picnic on the castle grounds. Olaf does so love summer!

The picture below shows the book I pulled the look from. So cute!

I loved this one, and I've decided I need to do more Disney manis. Doesn't Olaf look a little sleepy in macro?

Cheers all,

Monday, June 8, 2015

Digital Dozen Fandom Week, Day 1 Native Nail Art

So guys, I had trouble choosing Fandom looks for this week. I don't really get 'into' stuff like wild, and most of the stuff I have already created looks for. I started to think about what I am crazy about that isn't a typical Fandom idea. The first one thought of was Aboriginal/Native Art. I love the style and esthetic of Aboriginal/Native Art. I grew up camping at a Reserve in Ontario when I was young and I still remember always stopping at an amazing shop full of paintings, carvings and Aboriginal/Native dolls and toys. Everything was made  of gorgeous woods and skins, beads and furs. I have more vivid memories of the shop and smelt fishing then the actual camping.

Anyway, I did some Instagram research and found some artists who work in the style that tugs on my memories. I created this look based on a many different canvas and pottery works on IG. I used Hazard from Sinful Colors as my base and my fish and birds, dotting are all acrylic paint. I then matted.

This one took awhile as you can imagine, so I used Polish M, Drop it Like its Dots on my thumb. Do yourself a favour if you like this, and Google search Native Art. It's so different and really amazing.

Cheers all,