Friday, September 1, 2017

Born Pretty Almond Oil and Plate BP-144 Review

Today I have some new goodies from Born Pretty Store.
First up is seriously my new favorite cuticle oil! This oil is available at Born Pretty Store linked here.
This cuticle oil is Almond scented and I mean like amazing almond cookies or something! I once had a hand cream that smelled just like this, and was so sad when I couldn't get it anymore. I've used it for a couple days and find it very moisturizing, but once rubbed in matte enough for photos. I included a swatch photo of Gelaze Frostbite below where I've used it so you can see for yourself. This oil was available in a few yummy scents, but after smelling the almond I would highly recommend it.

For the look below I double stamped the sunflower-ish image from BP-144 over some white stripes. I was going for a late summer/ nautical feel. I loved this image, but chose this plate for review because of the stripes and cherry image on it. I still have to post that one as an advanced stamp look, but I couldn't resist stamping with the floral over my blue base. I tested this image and the cherry, and both were perfectly etched.
The plate BP-144 is available at the Born Pretty Store linked here.

If you want to try the oil out or the plate, use this 10% off discount code UNGX31 they are offering my readers!

Cheers all,