Monday, June 22, 2015

Lilo and Stitch Nail Art

So I adore this final look, it's just so cute! was just one of those stamping days that just seems destined to be a fail! I was advanced stamping for this one which is new to me. I decided to try advanced stamping with acrylic paint as the colour for fill. It does work for those of you wondering, but I didn't know it wasn't dry yet underneath and smeared it a bit. I was however able to fill in the designs by hand, but then of course it also smeared a weensie bit with the matte coat as well. All in all though, still cute. This guy is for today's Crumpets prompt of Navy or Scales, and I've wanted to do Stich forever!!! As for Stitch, he's all acrylic paint as well.

Oh well, Schmear happens...and yes that appears to be blue paint on my palm in my macro. Oy! Almost forgot...that's Fierce Purple as my base from NYX Girl.

Cheers all,