Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Vitry Nail Care Review

After being sent a bottle of Vitry Nail Care by Nail Polish Canada for review linked here, I started using it right away. My nails have gotten dry and peeling since winter and furnace season hit, and I've also been harder on them lately with lots going on at home. The first picture was the current state of my nails.

The next photo is a capture of my first use. This treatment worked great under polish as a bit of a ridge filler as well. It was also incredibly shiny.

I used the treatment frequently over a two week period to give it a good chance to work. My nails were so thin and brittle that I was surprised to notice a change in two days. I didn't get much in the way of length in the trial period, but I felt a thickening and strengthening on just day two and the pealing I had just flaked off.

This next picture is after the trial period, and you can totally tell the difference. I did not change anything else from my recent less strict nail routine.

As a previous user of Orly Nail Envy, I can comment that the results were the same when I began that treatment. I feel confident that after a few months the growth would be amazing and the nails very strong. I totally can' believe the strength difference over such short a time and the before and after pictures totally prove my point.
I totally recommend this treatment and you can find it linked here at Nail Polish Canada.

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