Monday, July 11, 2016

Digital Dozen Does Fashion, Day 4.

So, I recently went on a romantic getaway with the hubs to Niagara On The Lake and these were the gel nails I wore on the trip. I wanted something kinda fun/sophisticated and I came up with this easy design. When I was web surfing ideas I discovered a phenomenon! Taylor Swift wears a TON of red stripes! I don't know if this is a well known phenomenon as I don't follow her fashion, but once I figured it out I searched it and it's super obvious! Take a look at this search linked here, hilarious! For the look I used Gelaze Liquid Leatger and the red is Gelish Red Roses. The image is Moyou Holy Shapes Collection 02.

Once this cute look was done, I knew I had to save this for fashion week. Taylor Swift stripe fashion conspiracy cracked wide open, and you read it here first!!!

Cheers all,

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