Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ruby White Tips, and Donuts...from SPACE!

Dudududu dudududu! That's my Twilight Zone sound effect...for those of you that know that super old show. Anywho. These cute cartoon donuts look a touch more attack of the space donuts then Tim Hortons but hey, cute is cute. For the space age background I used NYX Fierce Purple, Orly Lollipop 
And Ruby White Tips Prototype Shard Topper. A simply gradient topped with the shards looked pretty funky, and kind of ice like. (Side note here...I've been using the hair glue from Sally to protect from gradient mess and it's so cheap and awesome!) My donuts were acrylic and I used a matte finish at the end. Today is X is for Extra Special over at A2Z linked here, and I made this mani because Ruby White Tips is a very special brand to me...Laura know who you are!

I took a bottle shot of the shard, I just love how much shards look opalescent. So cool and different. What's your fave glitter style?

Cheers all,