Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Indie Polish, Summer Collection

Well my friends, today is the day! I hinted at a really awesome Summer collection releasing soon and today, I have them all! This collection from My Indie Polish is releasing the six polish collection On Friday. Let's dive in.

These hot neons needed no white base and regardless of finish these were all opaque and amazingly intense in two coats. My Indie Polish is available at the store linked here.

First up is Bang a yellow jelly with a mix of red glitters. You'll remember this and my love for it in my Jem look last week. Formula on this was impeccable and very easy to use. Two coats with topcoat.

Next up is Crash. It's an intense minty glorious green with micro holo. I just loved this one, oh and by the's a glow polish. See below for my first glow shots. It's tricky to get good glow shots and I'm in awe of the girls who do it beautifully. Two coats with topcoat.

Next is Zip, a coral leaning orange so intense on it even got Mr. Lady Maids attention. This is way more creamy than the rest, but perfect application and matte finish when dry. Two coats with topcoat.

This next is Bam, a lilac leaning purple holo. This is just dreamy in person, and formula is too! I want to use this one again and again for art. Two coats with topcoat.

This is Pow, the most difficult to get shots of, but not difficult to work with. Another fantastic jelly with holo glitter, similar to the green. Two coats with topcoat. 

Ok, between the pink and this next blue, you have my top picks from the collection. Zap is the most intense blue holo I've ever used with a nice subtle shimmer, and very easy and opaque. It just glows. Two coats with topcoat.

This is one of those special collections where everything just works fabulous. The colours, finishes and everything were wonderful. If you're looking for a full summer collection, I would recommend them all and at the very least....that blue and pink are a must. Run on over to the store linked here.

One more just for yum factor!

Cheers all,

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