Friday, January 30, 2015

Indie Polish, Meet Me in Mexico Collection Launches Today!

***Sent for review.
The Meet Me In Mexico line from Indie Polish launches at noon est. today and is linked here.
This collection is four individual highly pigmented polishes with a matte finish and fantastic formula. I have more in depth reviews coming on each, but wanted to break down the collection for you today so you don't miss out.

First up is a coral leaning polish called Blazing Sun Burn this one has my heart, and is my fave in the collection.

Next is a stunner in a sea worthy green called Frolic in the Ocean. This has the same wonderful formula an finish as above, this is two coats over white.

This is Drinks with Umbrellas and I could see this on my toes on vacation or all summer long. Same finish as above, this is two coats no undies.

This one is a slightly different finish then the matte of the others, more of an interesting waxed look. This is Don't Forget Sunscreen. This is two coats with yellow cream undies. You could skip the undies easily and just do three thin quick drying coats.

Overall, I would highly recommend both the brand and this collection. It's fun summery and perfect for vacation getaways in the sun. Don't forget to head over to the store linked  here to grab yours if you love these as much as I did, launch is at noon est.

Cheers all,


  1. Hi, thanks to your swatches I got this collection. I was curious why Drinks with Umbrellas looks so different on the picture with 4 different colors on one hand?

    1. I'm glad you're excited. Good question. My camera freaked out because of the brightness of the yellow and didn't process the pink as well. It really is accurate in the pink pictures. Some bright polishes or neons can make photos less accurate. It only really shows because it was two very bright polishes competing. Really good question. I love this collection, you won't be disappointed.

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