Thursday, February 26, 2015

Landscape Nail Art, Feb 27

So @totally_gruntle on Instagram is hosting a Landscape Nail Art Contest, so I thought why not jump in! My base for this is Essie Rock The Boat, and the rest in muted greys and blues and greens is acrylic. Now this image is of my own creation, but I recently created a warm tone and summery version of this same look for next month's Digital Dozen...and it's literally top five of my favorite ever manicures I've made. I can't wait to post it!

Hope you like my look, wish me luck! Oh and by the way...I went square and much shorter!!! Anyone notice my cut down? I'm nursing a break on my pinky, so I decided to take the pressure off and change it up a bit.

Cheers all,


  1. Amazing, stunning, fantasctic. Love your nail art and big hug from Colombia.

  2. I adore this and can't wait to see the warm tone version. This totally captures that eerie stillness and dead quiet of snow. I love how snow changes sound - makes the world all surreal and new. I love your trees too :D *wiggles fingers* paint mine?!

  3. I'm totally blown away by your skills!

  4. Pretty! Good luck. And your new nail shape is lovely. I adored your almonds but you're rocking the squares too x