Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Digital Dozen Getting to Know Me, Blue Freehand Floral

I've been having a little technical trouble getting these posts up even though I was ready and excited for this week early this month! Even as I'm writing this blogger is deleting the photos from the post! Frustration over...hopefully! I'm hoping to get all my delinquent posts up today.

The Digital Dozen theme for this month is Getting To Know Me! For the theme, I decided to tell you one thing about myself and one thing about my nail art in each post. For my first post I had to do a freehand look. I feel I'm a fairly decent freehand artist, and freehand looks are really how I started out my blog. For the personal bit, I love the colours blue and teal! I love wearing them in fashion and jewelry and feel they really make my blue eyes pop.

For this look the Ruby White Tips Indie is Blue Realm. My floral and dotted prints are both  acrylic paint on a white polish base.

I loved wearing this look, it was very 'accidental' spring, as well as all my favourite colours!

Cheers all,

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