Monday, March 31, 2014

Green Goddess Creations, Owl Decals

As promised, here is my second review for decals received from the Green Goddess Creations Store on Store Envy. These owl images were actually the first I saw on Instagram and followed them to the lovely Lelia's page. As I mentioned before, these decals come forty a page. You get enough for tons of manicures. When I compare to some other brands. This page has four different owls in different Owly positions. My favorite were the two chosen here, because they are so....well...goofy! If you want to check to the listing for these owls, it's linked here.

In the instructions it mentions you can take a acrylic paint and fill in the clear areas of the decal depending on the base colour your using. I wanted to try this out, so I could let you know how easy this was to accomplish. Piece of cake! I cut and trimmed the decals as before, then soaked and removed them. I flipped them upside down and splodged on the white paint with my detail brush. As you can see it's not a fussy project at all..

Next I added a quick drying topcoat and gently placed and smoothed the decals on and allowed the topper to dry. My base colour here is two coats of Ciate Peperminty.

Once that was done I went in with my details. I used Essie Shake Your $$ Maker and Nicole By OPI Daffy Dill for the leaves. China Glaze Ingrid for the wood and then added a bit of black acrylic with my brush to give a bark effect. As you can see I changed my mind and switched that middle finger to a trunk mid stream.

These last two were taken in indirect sunlight. 
Don't forget to check out all the other great decals at Lelia's store linked here. All in all I am well impressed with the quality and selection of the Green Goddess Creations store. Lelia also works on custom orders for those of you who need something specific, or for a special occasion.

Cheers all,


  1. I love the way these came out! Of course, owls are my fave anyway, but you know! Thank you for showing how to paint the back! :O)


    1. Happy to show everyone how easy these can be to work with. The pop like this too!

  2. 40 to a page? That's crazy! You can do so many things with that. I love how you added a little habitat for your cute owls :)

    1. I know, and the shop owner is a doll! Thanks