Friday, October 16, 2015

Crumpets, Geek Prompt

"Mandy, those are Bundle Monster Zombie hands and have nothing to do with 'geek' as a prompt for today's Crumpets theme." I beg to differ ladies! I have a very strange hobby...I enjoy planning for the Zombie Apocalypse! My husband always laughs when we are driving in the country and I point out great stone houses and barns that would be perfect places to hide out from 'walkers'! I really like the current trend of Zombie shows, so it's only natural to imagine what I would do different, and yell at the tv during The Walking Dead right? For the art I stamped the hands over a Saran mix of Ruby White Tips and Color Club over grey. 

So if the Zombies hit,
1. Head for the country 
2. Wear Sneakers
3. Know how to make a weapon out of anything 
4. Learn to climb trees
5. Trust no one!
Haha! I swear I'm not crazy. I just like monster movies, and this time of year is great timing for a mani this creepy!

Cheers all,