Friday, October 16, 2015

Digital Dozen Does Autumn, Stamping Skittles

Another thermal look for Digital Dozen Does Autumn you say? Heck yes me fair ladies! I have loved playing around with the thermals, so I just felt the need for one more. This one is inspired by all those amazing, double stamping, pattern mixing princesses out there. I've been drooling over a lot of those accounts lately and wanted to step up. For the base I used In-Carnation from Echoes Polish and then went ballistic with a mix of advanced stamping, double stamping and decals. Sounds like a lot, but this was much quicker then my complex freehand looks.

I'm really such a fan of thermals, especially in these warm tones. So you guys can expect more thermal looks for sure. Check out the rest of the girls and their final looks below.

Cheers all,


  1. So classy! Really interesting seeing how it looks with the thermal going on!

    1. Thanks. These particular thermals were awesome, and inspired this extra look.

  2. That pumpkin is my favorite! It is so perfect!