Monday, May 9, 2016

Digital Dozen Does Whimzy Week, Day 3 Tropical Floral Mix and Match

Okay, I've gotten sidetracked by life this week and fallen off on yesterday's post so here it is! I'll have day four up shortly as well, and my fave is day five tomorrow. The tropical floral design for this was a quick and easy one created with all acrylic paints. I found the dots and flower mix whimsical in keeping with today's theme, but this glitter polish was what inspired this look. I find the mix on this one so unique, it just screamed whimsy. 

I found this look totally off beat and fun, full of design elements and colours I might not ordinarily mix! Perfect for Digital Dozen Whimsy Week. Check out my girls below, and I'll check back soon. 

Cheers all,


  1. I love, love, love the colors in this!!

  2. These look amazing! I love the middle fingernail most.