Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nail Wise Nail File Review

I was just sent these cute and fantastic new product for review called Finger Files. These are a brand new technology available from File Wise Nail File linked here, which is an Indie file producer. These files come in adorable girly patterns as seen below, but it's the shape and size that makes them special. The size makes them perfect for even the smallest purse or travel and it also creates less waste. I also think these would be great for nail techs to use for clients.

The finger dips shown below allow you to grasp these comfortably and securely while filing, and I found them much easier to use then standard length files. If your wondering if I would recommend these over glass for you glass fille addicts, I personally always use both. I use standard cardboard files for taking length and shaping sides and only use glass for finishing the edges to prevent roughness.

I would totally recommend these files and you guys can find them over at the File Wise website linked here. I've personally stocked my purse and car with these babies!

Cheers all,

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