Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bundle Monster and Moyou London Nail Stamping

So this is a rejected look for Digital Dozen Does Spring. But I'll tell you two secrets... 1. I loved this and the only reason it got rejected is because my hands looked all red and angry. I've noticed my pictures tend to do this if I photograph too late in the day or on rainy days. 2. The only reason I've got a sixth look is because I went to catch up on post edits and realized I had 4 looks that were perfect for Spring posts. I usually hit Digital Dozen week with two designs in the bag, but this week I was done a week in advance! For the images I used Moyou Holy Shapes Collection -02 and Bundle Monster flowers from BM-321.

Hope you guys are safe and warm. Ontario is pretty shut down after an ice storm that raged all last night. The kids are home as all schools in our region are closed and many in our city are without power.

Cheers all,

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