Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lisa Frank Leopard, Inspired by Banicured

This one qualifies for #clairesttelle8feb Techniques You Love. If I'm honest, it's been ages since I did Leopard Print and I have no idea why I ever got away from it. It's always been one of my favourite designs, so I looked at today's prompt as a great excuse. I used two coats of Rimmel Sunny Days for my yellow base. I picked it up recently when I realized I have only a 1/2 bottle of yellow cream in my stash and that's it! Anyway, once the base was dry I used my Born Pretty Pallet Ring filled with acrylic paints to fill in the design.

This look is based loosely on a recent Banicured look that was inspired by the art of Lisa Frank. Once this was complete on both hands it was a riot of colour. 

Thanks all, and make sure to check out Born Pretty Store and their huge selection nail art supplies if you love that cute pallet ring. If you do, use this 10% off discount code UNGX31 they are still offering my readers!

Cheers all,

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  1. Oh my! This is soooo pretty. Love the color combos and design. You really nailed it. Great job!