Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mrs. P's Potions, Moisturizing All Natural Sugar Scrubs

So along with all that polish I reviewed for you guys, I was also sent all these great all natural sugar scrubs.

Yellow- Cold Weather Sugar Scrub
Green- Peppermint + Green Tea Sugar Scrub
Tan- Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub
Dark Brown- Vanilla Latte Sugar Scrub
Bottom Photo- Vanilla Chai

I loved all of these. Scrubbing almost daily with them and following with It's The Balm also from Mrs. P's Potions has really improved my cuticles and overall hands which had begun the winter drying process brought on by Fall in Canada. You can't imagine the toll a Canadian winter brings to your skin if you live in a warmer climate, so finding gems that work this well are a real value. Scent wise, Vanilla Chai and Pumpkin Pie were my favorite. I'm a sucker for baking type scents in candles and lotions in general and these were lovely. When you use these scrubs as a hand treatment they leave your hands super soft and really hydrated.

I've never used scrubs for anything other than body buffing in winter, but I think maintaining this as part of my hand care routine will help get me through winter without discomfort and hangnails. These are also available now in Mrs. P's Potions store linked here!

Cheers all,