Sunday, June 7, 2015

#clairestelle8june, Flamingo Nails

So a cutie I know on IG posts a monthly challenge. You'd know her as @clairesttelle8 linked here, and the hashtag for this month's prompts is #clairestelle8june if you want to join in. Today's prompt was flamingos, and I've never tried the big pink guys. For this look I used Sally Hansen White out as base except for the yellow which is Lexington Yellow from NYC. The matte glitter polish is Amanda from Ruby White Tips...and yes it's named after me teehee for those of you that don't know. My freehand details are all acrylics except for my pinkie which is recycled from an upcoming stamping mani.

Squawk squawkity squawk! So says my bossy pink friend! Almost forgot...distracted by all the squawking...the whole thing is matte as well!

Cheers all,

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