Sunday, April 5, 2015

#naillinkup and Challenge Your Nailart, Easter Nails

Hey all, and Happy Easter. This is a quick look I created for Easter visiting. I love the look af muted nudes, and I've been doing a test of which polishes in my stash stamp well. The base on this one is China Glaze Diva Bride and I then stamped with a really great maroon unnamed Essie I have. 

The great egg and carrot image is from my Bundle Monster Holiday collection. I'm still glad I bought these plates when they came out a few years ago. Such a good go to at any holiday. Have you guys tested out your stash for stamping polish? I recommend it. I've found some great ones I wouldn't expect would stamp. I'm writing the names and a stamped sample in a journal.

Cheers all,

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