Monday, March 30, 2015

Jindie Nails, Stamping Decals

52 Week Challenge for today is Not Worn Enough. If you guys like a simply perfect lovely crelly glitter, Jindie Refresh to Death is it. This polish and its brand are both hands down one of my favourites. Now as you can tell if you look close, I'm still working on my decals...and not over stretching them or smooshing them...or over drying. It's really a delicate business. Anyway I stamped with Konad White and dotted on a purple that coordinated with the glitters well. Stretch marks aside, I love the pinky and how I rotated the image.

I just have to leave you with a macro of the star of the show. Jindie Refresh to Death. I might post the polish only look soon as a bonus because I'm not as thrilled with it once the decals went on and I have the pictures.

Cheers all,

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