Thursday, March 12, 2015

Digital Dozen Nature Week, Redo, Reboot, Recycle

So today is a double prompt with Digital Dozen Nature week and R is for Redo, Reboot, Recycle for A2Z and their archive page for anyone interested is linked here. I used Finger paints Paper Mache and a Sally Girl unnamed lime green. The cacti are all acrylic paint. The design is an old one linked here from Chalkboard Nails, hence the redo idea. The design is also dedicated to a follower @loveredcowboyboots on Instagram. She lives somewhere warm and sunny, so this is me in Canada envying her...and she's pretty fantastic too!

I loved these little guys. I've had this idea saved in my genius file for a long time, and it's day finally came.

Cheers all,


  1. Such a good combo for the themes and so well executed! So many people in Alberta have places in Arizona that I might have to go visit there sometime.

  2. Genius file! Can I have one? I love this because it looks like my "backyard" (ok, I don't have cactus in my backyard but there is one across the street!). Hey I'm from Alberta and live in Arizona and yes, there are a lot of us here. :)