Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jindie Nails, Betty's Fetti Milkshake

This one is a stunner, be warned! I've always just loved crelly glitters, but I just got to try Priness Bubblegum and Betty's Fetti Milkshake both from Jindie Nails this past week and now I have a new favorite style of polish...crelly micro glitter! I'm totally obsessed now! I need more!!! This is two coats of super easy happiness, and it's much easier then standard glitter to remove as well. I only did one thin coat of topper, but would recommend two or a thick one to smooth it out. 

Just look at all the colours in this, it reminds me of a jawbreaker, or cupcake sprinkles!

After it was on, I did a bad thing and stamped this leopard print over top and added the hot pink. Now I don't hate the look, but it was a total waste of my first wear. You couldn't see the micro dots in between like I imagined, so it was a waste of Indie goodness. Oh well. I'll just have to wear my new baby again soon!

Cheers all,

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