Thursday, February 5, 2015

Two Posts in One! M is for Multi Coloured and Nail Art Linkup

I recently joined A2Z Nail Series hosted by Pocket Money Polish linked here. It's a once a week prompt inspired by the letter of the week. This is my first one, and the letter is M and the prompt is Multi-Coloured. I used another Indie Polish that's already released linked here. Its a hot pink, yellow and white glitter topper called 38! I have swatches coming soon, but consider this a sneak peak. This look was inspired by some flowers a while back from Bionic Hips and Fingertips linked here.

I'm also squeezing this in as the Hot Pink Prompt for the #naillinkup for february and here is the info if you are interested. It's an easy one to get involved in.

I used acrylics for the design, including some new hot neons. The base is Liquid Leather from China Glaze.

All in all I love it, but this is a simple one anyone could try out.

Cheers all,