Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Odd Couple Gradient, With Different Dimensions Good Evening Clarice and Ruby White TIps Kim

Here we go! I've been wanting to do a subtle gradient for a while, but I didn't set out to do so with this. I put on Good Evening Clarice with full intention of wearing it as is and pictures for a swatch, (those are below). I even wore this for a day before it calledo out to me for a gradient with my favorite polish all time...Ruby White Tips Kim.

I grabbed a sponge and THE REST IS HISTORY. I think these go so well together because they have the same fine muted colouring and subtle depth of shimmer.

As the pictures below show too, Good Evening Clarice is a stunner soft minty jelly/shimmer and it glows as well. I didn't manage to capture good glow pics...have to work on this for you in future.

I don't know why I thought these might work well together, but I'm glad I did.

Do you ever feel two polishes are just made for each other? Let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for the visit today. Hope everyone had a great and safe weekend!

Cheers all,

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