Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nail Challenge 2013: Day 25, Fashion

So Fashion was today's prompt. For me I wear what I like. I carry designer purses, but don't wear tons of expensive labels. I prefer to mix a few good pieces with cheaper ones to save money. That way I can follow a couple trends or seasonal colours each season.

I started thinking about designers, but for me fashion brought to mind Sarah Jessica Parker and her character Carrie Bradshaw on Sex And The City. Her eclectic fashion choices were mostly stunning, and sometimes just plain entertaining! I went online, but came back to the cover shot of the Sex And The City movie. She is wearing a white pants and vest combo with a crazy wide black tie and pink blouse. I love it! Had I paid more attention, I would have added a stud to my nail art to replicate the tie pin. Oh well!

The base white is Sally Hansen White on topped with China Glaze Whirled away glitter topper. The Pink is NYC in Uptown. I then added stripes to the blouse bit with Kiss Nail Art Striper in Pink Glitter. I added the vest with white acrylic paint and then a nice coat of topcoat. Oh and after the fact I added micro beads as buttons because I thought it was funny!

As always, this last is in sunlight.

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