Thursday, February 23, 2017

Born Pretty Nail Stamping Plates Review, BPL-032

Today's look was created with plates I was sent for review from Born Pretty Store linked here.
The plate is BPL-032 linked here.

I used China Glaze Baby Doll for my pink and the yellow is Sunny Days from Rommel. This yellow is my favourite yellow because it's perfect as a base on its own, but magic in gradient looks. I love how it transforms.

On to the plate! This plate is a fantastic Holiday one I chose for review a while back. I knew I'd have to hold off for months before using my favourite images, but I had to have this plate! This pretty scalloped design was the only non-festive image and I love how the final look came together. The image was perfectly engraved and gave me no issues with my pick up.

I would definitely recommend this plate, and have 3 more coming up soon!

Cheers all,


  1. I really love the colors you put together here! It looks pretty and exotic in a way.

    1. I know. I liked the combo, and want to do another look with these.