Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Digital Dozen Does Whimsy Week, Day 2. Pop Art Water Decal

As humor is one of the defining words of Whimsy I wanted to do something Pop Art. I received a bunch of water decals last week from Lady Queen Beauty linked here. When I saw these in the package, I knew they would be perfect for Whimsy Week! I have a thing about Pop Art, it's so...well...whimsical and modern. The base polish on this look is Sally Hansen Mouselline and the dots are acrylic paint. These water decals were absolutely the best I've worked with. They are super thin and form right to the nail easily unlike others. My coupon code is ELLC15 for these or anything else from the site. I totally recommend these and have two more looks coming up.

I loved this look so much and you really should check the decals out from Lady Queen Beauty linked here. 

Cheers all,