Friday, March 6, 2015

#naillinkup, Cinderella Nails

This is my Cinderella Manicure for #naillinkup Cinderella Prompt inspired by the new live action movie coming soon. This mani, I've had in mind forever. I received a birthday card from my dad last year and the combination of pink on blue reminded me of the scene where the fairies change Cinder.... oh wait .... that was Sleeping Beauty with the colour change dress. You just watched me type an actual in the moment brain fart. I've been saving this bloody card for Sleeping Beauty and just created a whole post wrong for Cinderella! (Bad Word $%@) Ok, well Cinderella has love and flowers and stuff so here you go! This is Gellish Passion as my base stamped with Konad White then Nabi Sky also stamped with Konad White. I taped of the first section as I stamped the blue if anyone is wondering.

Well, can't believe I just did that, but the nails are cute. In this last photo you can see the inspiration card below my hand.

Cheers all,