Thursday, February 26, 2015

P is for Pale, February 26

P is for Pale is today's A2Z prompt. I decided I wanted to create a pale and Chrome look skitlettes similar to the style of Chit Chat Nails. I love her stuff and she's famous for gorgeous mix in match manis. The nude in this one is Klean Color Sheer Pink Nude and the silver an unnamed one I generally save for stamping the white is my go to Paper Mâché from Finger Paints. After two coats in the base department, I dotted using the silver and both a medium and small dotting tool. I then stamped a diamond pattern in silver, and then the pinwheel in Konad White.

This came out exactly how it looked in my mind. I love the contrast of the nude jelly with the metallic and very opaque silver.

Cheers all,

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  1. GORGEOUS! I love how you combined it all :D I am rubbish at skittles, two accents is as far as I can usually manage!