Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Red Hot, Red Dot. My Go To Nails!

So yup...these are my go to nails! When I have an event I'd like to look put together for, I reach for my small size dotting tool and go to town over a great base colour. I think I may have posted a full mani of this combo before, but voila. I wore these on one of our many holiday visits. Easy Peasy and cute. Especially over red. If I'm honest my toes have this combo very often. This is two coats of my red Franken holo I pull out once in a while, and the dots are acrylic paint. 

Difficulty: Easy peasy
Time: 5 minutes, for real! 

Red hot, or what? Hope you like this and dive in when you need a quick and easy idea for your events. It really does get many compliments. 

Cheers all,


  1. I lurve dotticures! Totally my go-to manicure as well!

    1. Anything that makes it easy to look polished right! Love it!