Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jindie Betty's Fetty Milkshake, Sugar Skull Nail Art

This is my first ever Sugar skull look, and she's a little creepy which is perfect in October. I looked online at some drawing and tattoos before combining some looks for this design. Mostly it was from a great tattoo design drawing. The Jindie is two coats of Betty's Fetty Milkshake, one of my faves. The skull design was done all in coordinating shades of acrylic.

I would place this ones difficulty rating:
Difficulty: Medium
Time: 23 minutes

And what's Cindy wearing you may wonder when we do these detail pieces? I'm currently growing out my Cindy nails, but was able to create this fun dotticure!

Cheers all,


  1. Its like BFM was made for this sugar skull! This is one awesome mani :-D

    1. Thanks Shelby, it's my fave polish and I'd never tried a Sugar Skull. So it was meant to be.