Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NailPolish Canada, Great Polish Giveaway!!!

SO! NailPolish Canada is doing something crazy...giving away up to 200 shades of polish in one prize!!!!! If you are a blogger you can head over to their sit and nominate a prize to the pot and enter the contest yourself here in my post. If your not enter here anyway. For more chances, take a look at the list of bloggers who added to the pot and visit there pages for more entries just like mine. Easy, and a great way to take a tour of some new blogs.

Here is the link to NailPolish Canada to nominate your own prize, but don't forget to enter here before you leave. I personally nominated Jesy by Zoya because it's one I've been lusting after this summer and if I can't have it someone should!
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See you all tomorrow for my Glitter Placement Nails!

Cheers all,



  1. Wow, thanks for this give-away... 200 polishes is definitely exciting! Instant polish collection. I'm super excited.