Saturday, May 3, 2014

China Glaze Stone Cold, Floral Nail Art


I NEVER gravitate to black. I like to wear it with pops of colour, because it's always sleak and slimming, but that's it. I never ever never use it as a base in nail art. I always found it too harsh for me.I bought China Glaze Stone Cold ages ago because of the funky matte finish it has without topper, and don't remember ever using it before now. But just look! The gunmetal shade with a touch of glitter is a beauty especially with the shades of blue. I seriously will never shy away from the 'dark side' again! I can't wait to try other soft/hard looks. It's like a bloody nail epiphany!

I'm usually such a girly girl, but honestly...what's not girly about this! I'm still wearing this now, and it's also totally wearable. Trying out my untried pile really paid off with this one!

Cheers all,


  1. Well aren't these just beautiful! Love the flowers! You must have a very steady brush hand.
    So cuteee.
    Little Red x